Community Problems

Community Problems and Solutions

a product of the National Science Foundation ITR Project:
Sampling Methods for Optimization and Control of Subsurface Flows:
These problems come from
Optimal Design for Problems Involving Flow and Transport Phenomena in Subsurface Systems,
A. S. Mayer, C. T. Kelley, and C. T. Miller, Advances in Water Resources, 12, 2002, 1233-1256.
The problems are fully described in the electronic supplement to the article.


"A Comparison of Derivative-Free Optimization Methods for Groundwater Supply and Hydraulic Capture Problems",
K. R. Fowler, J. P. Reese, C. E. Kees, J. E. Dennis, C. T. Kelley, C. T. Miller, C. Audet, A. J. Booker, G. Couture, R. W. Darwin, M. W. Farthing, D. E. Finkel, J. M. Gablonsky, G. Gray, and T. G. Kolda Advances in Water Resources, 31, 2008, 743-757.

Other Publications on the Community Problems

Objective: provide a suite of optimization problems and solutions where

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