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which literally means "and other things"

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A few photos from our trip to Spain, July 2003, for the International Society for the History of Rhetoric (see Presentations page). This is a view of the Alhambra from the Plaza San Nicolás in Granada.



Some rhetoric-related pictures from the trip to Spain.



Some pictures from San Marino, 1999. San Marino is an independent republic totally surrounded by Italy. The last of the Italian city-states, it is smaller than Washington, DC, with a population of about 27,000. This photo is probably the best picture I've ever taken, of the Piazza della Libertà.


San Marino piazza

Encomium of S. Michael Halloran, performed by alumni/ae, students, and faculty of the doctoral program in Rhetoric and Communication at RPI, March 2002.


Michael Halloran

Some clocks we own. My father had some old clocks he purchased at auctions, and both he and his father made clocks. This one was given to my grandmother in 1914 when she got married.


Ansonia clock

For a while, there were four of us in the NCSU English Department with degrees from RPI: left to right, me, Jason Swarts, Susan Katz, and Steve Katz (the Katzes are not related). Coincidentally, the building where we work, Tompkins Hall (in the background) was designed and built in 1901 by an RPI graduate (in civil engineering). Since this picture was taken, Steve has left to take the Pearce Professorship in Professional Writing at Clemson University.


RPI alumni/ae

The speech I gave at the English Department's commencement exercise in May 2000.


HTML file

One of my favorite photos from my childhood. The car is an MG-TD, vintage about 1950, my father's first sports car. The picture was taken in 1955 when I was 10, my brother Craig was 7, and my brother Keith was only a few months old.


MG-TD photo

A few pictures of my house and garden.


garden path

"Effective Composition Instruction: What Does the Research Show?" A white paper co-authored in 1998 with Mike Carter and Nancy Penrose at the request of my dean , who wanted to understand the research basis for the controversy about composition instruction in the English Department. It's a little dated but still provides a useful introduction for non-specialists. 16 pages.


PDF file

My cat, Ivan (the Terrible), was blinded by a shotgun when he was about a year old. He lived to be 11, carrying about 20 pieces of turkey shot in his body, ultimately becoming asthmatic and then diabetic. But he was also brave, stubborn (hence, "the Terrible"), and affectionate.


Ivan the cat

Kate (the Great), Ivan's littermate, died at 14 in 2006. In her later years, she suffered from a bile duct obstruction and a blood parasite called haemobartonella, as well as a condition called eosinophilic granuloma complex, which she'd had since she was a kitten. This picture, taken several years ago, captures her characteristic insouciance.


Kate the cat

"Communication in the 21st Century: The Original Liberal Art in an Age of Science and Technology." This is a white paper I wrote in 1996 for my dean, who was new to NC State, as part of a larger effort to provide her with a perspective on the role of the liberal arts at a land-grant institution with a historical commitment to the natural sciences and technologies. 9 pages.


PDF file

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