MA/CSC 416: Introduction to Combinatorics (Spring 2018)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:40 - 11:30am in SAS 2229

Instructor: Cynthia Vinzant (3260 SAS, email)
Offce Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 1-2pm or by appointment
Textbook: Brualdi, Introductory Combinatorics, 5th edition, Pearson, 2009

There will be an in-class midterm on Friday, March 2 and a final exam Monday, May 7, 8-11am.

Here are guidelines for writing up your homework (prepared by Seth Sullivant).
Please make sure to justify all your answers. A typical proof should consist of a mix of calculations and complete English sentences, the ideal ratio of which depends on the type of problem. You are welcome to work together in small groups, but write up your own solutions (in your own words) and indicate on each assignment with whom you worked. Using resources besides the book (Brualdi) is not allowed.

Homework 1, due Monday, January 22: pdf tex (Solutions)
Homework 2, due Friday, February 2: pdf tex (Solutions)
Homework 3, due Friday, February 9: pdf tex (Solutions)
Homework 4, due Friday, February 16: pdf tex
Homework 5, due Friday, February 23: pdf tex