Projects for MA 437

Your final project should consist of an expository paper roughly 3–5 pages in length related to an application of abstract or linear algebra. You should give a brief description of the topic along with relevant definitions, ideas, and results, but you need not include proofs. Be sure to include examples when relevant—please do not copy examples from sources if possible. You should not assume your readers have more than a general mathematical background, except for familiarity with things we have covered in this course. The paper should be understandable to a fellow member of the class.

Below is a list of possible final projects topics. Some references are provided as a starting point, but you may find it helpful to consult other texts, articles, or web sites. (Remember to cite your sources appropriately.) You are welcome to suggest your own topics if there is another area or application you are interested in, so please feel free to discuss your ideas with me.

Only one student can work on a given topic, and topics will be assigned as requested (first come, first serve).

Use of LaTeX for typesetting is encouraged. See, for instance, the following tutorial for more details.

All topics (including ones listed below) must be approved by me by Thursday, April 6 (or earlier).

If you would like me to read through a rough draft and give you comments, please give me a rough draft by Thursday, April 20. (This is optional!)

The final project will be due on Monday, May 4 by 11 am.