At NC State University, I have had the opportunity of teaching regularly in two different undergraduate courses. During the 04-05 academic year, I taught several lab sections of Introductory Biology I (Bio 181L) as a teaching assistant in the Biological Sciences department.

In the fall of 2007 and 2008, I assisted with Principles of Plant Pathology (PP 315) in the department of Plant Pathology. This is an upper-level undergraduate class taught by Dr. H. David Shew, who also served as my faculty teaching mentor for the Preparing the Professoriate program. This teaching fellowship is provided by the faculty center for teaching and learning and consists of a year-long series of teaching and professional development workshops.

I was also a guest lecturer in Greenhouse Food Production (HS 590) and Vegetable Food Production (HS 431) for Mary Peet in the Horticultural Sciences department. Each of these experiences has brought me a unique perspective into undergraduate education.

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PP 315L Lecture

Students in PP 315 lab