Our research at NC State has generated alot of opportunities for extension work. From on-farm trials to field days and grower workshops, I enjoy seeing the impact of our work. Below are some handouts and informational materials that we have generated through our tomato grafting research program at NC State.

Grafting for Disease Resistance in Heirloom Tomatoes - Extension factsheet published by the NC Cooperative Extension Service (AG-675).


General Information Handout

2006 CEFS Internship Field Day (Goldsboro, NC)

2006 MHCR&EC Tomato Field Day (Mills River, NC)

2008 MHCR&EC Tomato Field Day (Mills River, NC)

2009 MHCR&EC Tomato FIeld Day (Mills River, NC)

2008 High Tunnel and Grafting Field Day (Holtwood, PA)

2009 High Tunnel and Grafting Field Day (Holtwood, PA)

Presentations - Below are a few examples of presentations I've given based on the research that we've done at NC State.

Diagnosis of Soilborne Diseases in Tomato - CEFS Tomato Grafting Workshop (Goldsboro, NC)

High Tunnels and Grafting for Organic Tomato Production - Southeastern Vegetable Expo (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Grafting in Multi-bay High Tunnels as a Way to Overcome Soilborne Diseases - Haygrove Owners Conference (Lancaster, PA)

Soilborne Diseases and Rootstock Selection - Chatham County Tomato Grafting Workshop (Pittsboro, NC)

Tomato Grafting Technique - Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Conference (Hershey, PA)

Modification of Microclimates: A Case Study at CEFS - CEFS High Tunnel Workshop (Goldsboro, NC)

Benefits of Grafting and High Tunnels for Heirloom Tomato Production - Heirloom Tomato Grafting Workshop (Athens, GA)

For more information on extension programming or for a comprehensive extension portfolio including videos and evaluations, send an email to

Pulling plastic at sunrise

Tomato Field Day - 2006


Alex and Betsy Hitt trying out tomato grafting at the Chatham County Tomato Grafting Workshop (Photo: Debbie Roos)


High Tunnel and Tomato Grafting Field Day at Cedar Meadow Farm (Lancaster, PA)a