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welcome to Conceptual Physics

Fundamentals of physics from a conceptual rather than a mathematical viewpoint. Applications of physics to everyday phenomena and experiences. Numerous demonstrations and discovery-based laboratory. Mechanics, properties of matter, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, light and relativity.


Section 001 Syllabus

Section 601 Syllabus

NOTE: You can save money and buy a used version of the text. Any version from 8th through 11th will be fine.

Versions of the course

Conceptual physics is taught in both the traditional format as well as through distance education. Both versions present the same material and have the same requirements.

Traditional Format, Section 001: This version is presented in a traditional college format. Lectures are given multiple times each week. Lectures include student interactions as well as multiple live demonstrations to help students understand the physics concepts presented by the textbook. The required laboratory is conducted in Fox Labs and allows the student to become actively engaged in the material covered. Homework is administered online using WebAssign.

Distance Education Format, Section 601: The distance education version of this course does not require that the student visit the NC State University campus. The same material in the book is covered and the student is provided with overview notes for each chapter. Videos of demonstrations shown in class are embedded in the online notes. All regular lectures were recorded in the Fall of 2010 and are made available to the Distance Education Students! The required laboratory will be conducted remotely. The student will be required to perform experiments at home, take measurements and make analyses in a traditional report format. Homework is administered online using WebAssign.

General Questions about Physics Classes and labs: http://www.physics.ncsu.edu/classes/faq.html

Course Requirements and fees


Example of online lab

Example of online lab using adjustable
photogates with random gravity

Text: Conceptual Physics, Paul Hewitt. Any edition from the 8th through the 11th will be fine. The current edition is the 11th.

Homework: All homework will be completed online using WebAssign.

Course Fees (section 001):

1) $50 WebAssign lab use fee and electronic version of lab manual.

2) $19.95 WebAssign fee for class homework

3) $50 Clicker

4) $20-$160 Textbook. You can buy an older edition and save some money.

Course Fees (section 601): The tuition rate is different for distance education courses. You should contact DELTA for more information regarding tuition rates.

1) $19.95 WebAssign fee for class homework

2) $20-$160 Textbook. You can buy an older edition to save some money.

Syllabus: See the course syllabus for details on grading, attendance policies, additional assignments as well as a breakdown of chapters covered.


Course Content

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Sample Video Demonstration

Module 1: Linear Motion, Kinematics and Newton’s Laws
Module 2: Momentum, Energy and Rotational Motion
Module 3: Projectile Motion, Orbits and Gravity
Module 4: Phase, Temperature and Heat
Module 5: Vibrations and Waves
Module 6/: Electricity and Magnetism
Module 7: Optics & Relativity