Use your study groups

Group activities enhance learning, so you should make full use of your assigned groups.

Rewrite your class notes weekly

I recommend that after your weekly group meeting you rewrite your class notes for the week just ending, using the study guide as an outline. These activities will help you identify topics for which you may need additional help. Then you should seek that help in your study group, or by asking me questions before, during or after class, either personally or by use of Email.

Use your study guides

You will be provided with a detailed study guide for each of the four parts of this course. The guides give you Key Points to study for each examination in lieu of a file of old exams (I do not let you keep your exams after they have been reviewed in class). If you study and understand every key point you will know everything I hope to teach you in this course and you will do well on the exams. Not all topics included on the study guides may be discussed in the lecture materials, but you will be responsible for everything that is listed as key points. If a topic isn't one of the Key Points, however, it won't appear as a question on an exam.

Stay current and develop good study habits

Use all of the above to stay current with the material in this course. Do not wait until the last few days to begin preparing for an exam -- you will very likely earn a low score. Remember that your purpose in taking this, or any other university class, is not only to gain knowledge that you may use in other classes or in your future profession, but also to develop good learning habits so that you can continue to learn all of your life.