About Fog, and Love and Timeless Space


January 1975

Ernest Knowles


I stand alone

watching leafless branches

silhouetted against

the fog-shrouded light.

And water,

left on the trees by the
just-finished rain

falls as droplets all around me.


Nearly soundless

on the driveway surface,

they strike the brown

wet and lifeless leaves,
dropped to the ground

weeks ago

as winter approached,

with the sound of

a muted,

crackling pine log fire.

It is late and quiet

out here

in the damp night.


And what was intended

only as a walk

with my dog

has become a moment

of loneliness,

and need

and thoughts of you.

The fog moves

past my light

at an almost imperceptible rate.


I learn from it

and extend and savor

my moment,

without regard for time or space.

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