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A Tribute to ZEUS

Dear Melise and Natalie,

Contained within the covers of this booklet are words written by the very best friends of your grandfather, Larry, or as you have always known him, Zeus. They are written because, in your short lifetime, you did not know him when he was in the best of health nor at the peak of his very vital life. Many recollections are from high school friends who grew up with Larry; many are from his "brothers" in our fraternity at the University of Utah, Beta Theta Pi, whose lives your Zeus surely touched and who affectionately called him Larry ‚"Looper" Knowles. The Looper name for your Zeus came from Larry Hooper on the Lawrence Welk show (your dad will have to tell you what that show is) and was jokingly changed to Looper and given to him by his best friends in the fraternity, and it stuck because he loved it. Finally, many of the words are written by me, Ernie Knowles, your Zeus's older brother and your granduncle. I, of course, knew your Zeus from the moment of his birth and I shared a great deal of laughter, hope, and adventure with him.

Larry was a large baby, weighing in at more than 10 lbs, whom I called Lammy (not being able to pronounce my r's). When he was born on April 23, 1938, the doctors decided to play a joke on the nurses in the preemie lab (where underweight babies, born too early, were sent until they were strong enough to leave the hospital). They called the lab to tell them to get ready for a premature baby, but when your Zeus arrived, the nurse called down to the delivery room and said, ‚"Premature, what, elephant?"

He and I were born only 13 months apart and, because we were so close in age, we did almost everything together. As you will see in other stories included in this booklet (and in pictures that I have included later in what I have written), when we were older he and I were often mistakened for each other - in fact, we would answer to either name, sometimes laughing about it. Some of the things we did together we did with great fun and some with great mischief, and in what follows I will tell you about some of our adventures when your Zeus and I were growing up. I hope that you will enjoy what your Zeus's best friends and I and have written, and come to know him for the truly great man he is.


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