No bigger fan of your Zeus than I

To say that I am a great fan of your Zeus would be a gross understatement. I have bragged about him all my life, and still do. What is really wonderful is that I found out later in my life that your Zeus also bragged about me.  Even now, in our old age, we still treat each other with the same love and respect we did when we were young - no one could ask more than to have such an abiding, warm and very long friendship. Your Zeus is so much a part of who I am and what I feel, that I actually think of us as twins - when he excels, I am as proud of him as I would be with myself; when he suffers, so do I; when he is happy, so am I; when he cries, so do I. The picture on the right was taken at my change of command ceremony in 1988 in Norfolk, VA, where your Zeus flew all the way there to share in my honor, and it is an example of the way that we felt about each other.





I hope that the memories and stories that his friends and I have included here will help you know your Zeus for the wonderful man he is. I also know that he loves you both very much and always delighted in showing me your pictures and smilingly telling me about the fun and exciting things that you were doing.  Even though he has lost the ability to tell you himself, he will never forget you in his heart, and neither should you. Take care, grandchildren of Zeus!












With great love and warmth,

Your granduncle, Ernie

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