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Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management       


We develop our courses using the sustainable development framework and principles. We also place special emphasis to the study of cases from around the world. Lectures combined with constant discussion of real-world experiences and hands-on activities are used to develop critical thinking in class participants.

Our team currently teaches:
  • PRT 419 - Sustainable Tourism (Spring)
  • PRT 500 - Conceptual Foundations of Recreation (Fall)
    PRT 700 - Advanced Theories in Park, Recreation & Tourism Research (Fall)

Sustainable Tourism - PRT 419   (Click for the Syllabus)
This course introduces the concepts and principles associated with sustainable tourism development, emphasizing on their implications for management and planning purposes. Topics to be addressed include: concept, justification and evolution of sustainable development; socio-cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainable tourism; positive and negative impacts of tourism development; and principles conducive to sustainable tourism planning and community development. Given that each case of tourism development is unique, examples from the U.S. and around the world are used to examine and discuss issues and practices of sustainable tourism development within different geo-cultural contexts.

Conceptual Foundations of Recreation - PRT 500 /
Advanced Theories in Park, Recreation & Tourism Research - PRT 700
(Click for the Syllabus)

PRT 500/700 is designed to learn about the foundations of recreation, park, tourism, sport, and leisure studies by discussing their philosophical principles, concepts, theories and contemporary issues. These courses encourage critical thinking, academic inquiry, and dialectic debate through guided discussions of assigned readings. A primary focus of these courses is to learn to communicate our ideas well. Thus, these courses are built upon class participation through written and oral assignments. PRT 500 is designed primarily for PRTM Master of Science (MS) students and PRT 700 for doctoral (Ph.D.) students; both courses are offered simoultaneously.

Other Courses Taught
  • PRT 220 - Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management (Spring 2013-2016)
  • PRT 801 - PRT Doctoral Seminar (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)

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