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Our Journal Manuscripts

Below is a selected list of our journal manuscripts organized by topics. Please click on their link or
email Carla ( if you would like a copy of any of these manuscripts.

Santeramo, F., & Barbieri, C. (2017). On the demand for agritourism: A cursory review of methodologies and practice. Tourism Planning & Development, 14(1), 139–148. [Link]

Barbieri, C., Xu, S., Gil Arroyo, C., & Rozier Rich, S. (2016). Agritourism, farm visit, or…? A branding assessment for recreation on farms. Journal of Travel Research, 55(8), 1094-1108. [Link]

Kline, C., Barbieri, C., & LaPan, C. (2016). The influence of agritourism on niche Meats loyalty and purchasing. Journal of Travel Research, 55(5), 643-658. [Link]

Xu, S., Barbieri, C., Leung, Y-F., Anderson, D., & Rich, S.R. (2016). Residents’ perceptions of wine tourism development. Tourism Management, 55, 276-286. [Link]

Xu, S., Leung, Y-F., & Barbieri, C. (2016). Characterizing themed touring routes – A geospatial and tourism evaluation of wine trails. Tourism Planning & Development, 13(2), 168-184. [Link]

LaPan, C., & Barbieri, C. (2014). The role of agritourism in heritage preservation. Current Issues in Tourism, 17(8), 666-673. [Link]

Leung, Y-F., Barbieri, C., & Floyd, M.F. (2014). Tourism and recreation research along the natural rural-urban gradient: Global trends and implications for China. Tourism Tribune, 29(6), 3-6.

Sotomayor, S., Barbieri, C., Wilhelm Stanis, S., Aguilar, F.X., & Smith, J. (2014). Motivations for recreating on farmlands, private forests, and State or National Parks. Environmental Management, 54(1), 138-150. [Link]

Valdivia, C. & Barbieri, C. (2014). Agritourism as a sustainable adaptation strategy to climate change in the Andean Altiplano. Tourism Management Perspectives, 11, 18-25. [Link]

Gao, J., Barbieri, C. & Valdivia, C. (2014). Agricultural landscape preferences: Implications for agritourism development. Journal of Travel Research, 53(3), 366-379. [Link]

Gil Arroyo, C., Barbieri, C. & Rozier Rich, S. (2013). Defining agritourism: A comparative study of stakeholders' perceptions in Missouri and North Carolina. Tourism Management, 37, 39-47. [Link]

Barbieri, C. (2013). Assessing the sustainability of agritourism in the US: A comparison between agritourism and other farm entrepreneurial ventures. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 21(2), 252-270. [Link]

Tew, C. & Barbieri, C. (2012). The perceived benefits of agritourism: The provider’s perspective. Tourism Management, 33(1), 215-224. [Link]

Barbieri, C. (2010; Invited). An Importance-Performance Analysis of the motivations behind agritourism and other farm enterprise developments in Canada. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 5(1-2), 1-20. [Link]

Barbieri, C. & Valdivia, C. (2010). Recreation and agroforestry: Examining new dimensions of multifunctionality in family farms. Journal of Rural Studies, 26(4), 465-473. [Link]

Barbieri, C. & Mshenga, P. (2008). The role of firm and owner characteristics on the performance of agritourism farms. Sociologia Ruralis, 48(2), 166-183. [Link]

Niche Tourism
Sotomayor, S. & Barbieri, C. (2016). An exploratory examination of serious surfers: Implications for the surf tourism industry. International Journal of Tourism Research, 18(1), 62-73. [Link]

Barbieri, C., Henderson, K. & Santos, C. (2014). Exploring memorable surfing trips. Annals of Tourism, 48, 277-280. [Link]

Deason, G., Seekamp, E., & Barbieri, C. (2014). Perceived impacts of climate change, coastal development and policy on oyster harvesting in the southeastern United States. Marine Policy, 50, 142-150. [Link]

Wilhelm Stanis, S. & Barbieri, C. (2013). Niche Tourism Attributes Scale: A case of storm-chasing (Research Letter). Current Issues in Tourism, 16(5), 495-500. [Link]

Barbieri, C. & Sotomayor, S. (2013). Surf travel behavior and destination preferences: An application of the serious leisure inventory and measure. Tourism Management, 35, 111-121. [Link]

Xu, S., Barbieri, C., Wilhelm Stanis, S., & Market, P. (2012). Sensation seeking behind recreational storm chasers. International Journal of Tourism Research, 14(3), 269-284. [Link]

Barbieri, C., Santos, C., & Katsube, Y. (2012). Volunteer tourism in Rwanda: Insights from participant observation. Tourism Management, 33(3), 509-516. [Link]

Barbieri, C. & Mahoney, E. (2010). Cultural tourism behavior and preferences among the live-performing arts audience: An application of the Univorous-Omnivorous framework. International Journal of Tourism Research, 12(5), 481-496. [Link]

Barbieri, C., Mahoney, E. & Palmer, R. (2008). RV and camping shows: A motivation-based market segmentation. Event Management, 12(2), 53-66. [Link]

Farm Entrepreneurship & Rural Well-being
Gao, J., Barbieri, C. & Valdivia, C. (2014). A socio-demographic examination of the perceived benefits of agroforestry. Agroforestry, 8(2), 301-309. [Link]

Valdivia, C., Barbieri, C., & Gold, M. (2012; Invited). Between forestry and farming: Policy and environmental implications of the barriers to agroforestry adoption. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 60(2), 155-175. [Link]

Barbieri, C., & Aguilar F. (2011). The Ius In Re model to analyze users’ rights within complex property regimes: Two ex post applications in South America. Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal, 24(3), 292-302. [Link]

Barbieri, C. & Valdivia, C. (2010; Invited). Recreational multifunctionality and its implications for agroforestry diffusion. Agroforestry Systems, 79(1), 5-18. [Link]

Barbieri, C. & Mahoney, E. (2009). Why is diversification an attractive farm adjustment strategy? Insights from Texas farmers and ranchers. Journal of Rural Studies, 25(1), 58-66. [Link]

Barbieri, C., Mahoney, E. & Butler, L. (2008). Understanding the nature and extent of farm and ranch diversification in North America. Rural Sociology, 73(2), 205-229. [Link]

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