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Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management       

Our Extension Work

Our lab team is also involved in extension and outreach efforts, mostly focused on Agritourism. We are committed to address the needs of agritourism providers, seeking to enhance rural well-being. Our team specifically focuses on assisting farmers in successfully developing agritourism to respond to their needs and entrepreneurial motivations.

Please visit the NC Tourism Extension webpage to learn about other outreach activities of the tourism faculty.

Our Videos:

North Carolina Women in Agritourism: A 10-minute educational video to increase public awareness of the role of women in agriculture and the benefits of agritourism to rural societies (October, 2017): [Video Link].

Voices of North Carolina’s Women in Agritourism: A series of four short videos (2.5-minute each) where women farmers highlight one key message for their success in agritourism (October, 2017):

Our Technical Reports & Fact Sheets:

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