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     Carla Barbieri, Ph.D.
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Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management       

Agritourism & Societal Well-being Team

Ann Savage (
PRTM masters' student, research assistant.
My research interest is in rural development and agritourism. I am currently working on a study to understand the successes, challenges and opportunities that women in agritourism encounter. I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Louisiana State University. In my free time, I enjoy being outside, especially in the parks of the Raleigh area and singing in choir. (Complete CV).

Brendali Carrillo (
PRTM masters' student, teaching and research assistant.
I pursued my undergraduate degree in Tourism Management (Peru, 2009). Since 2003, I have worked in different tourism areas across South America, which gave me the opportunity to learn how the tourism industry operates in both private and public sectors. My research interest is in education as a tool to preserve culture in rural tourism destinations. I am thankful for all I am learning from my colleagues and professors at NC State! I am also thrilled to share my cultural and professional experiences hoping to contribute to my new environment. (Complete CV).

Sara Brune (
PRTM doctoral student, research assistant. (Co-advised by Dr. Knollenberg)
I am interested in researching socio-ecological dynamics to propose innovative sustainability solutions. I currently work on a project that examines the connections between agritourism, education and food policy to promote resiliency of agricultural and food systems. I have a bachelorís degree from Zamorano University (Honduras) in Rural Development, and a masterís degree in Agro-Ecology and Social Change from Wageningen University (The Netherlands). In my spare time, I like to swim, run, practice yoga, and discover new places and cultures.

Elke Grether (
PRTM master's student, research assistant. (Co-advised by Dr. Stevenson)
I am currently working on a project to measure the effects of agritourism on ag literacy in elementary students. After obtaining my undergraduate degree I was accepted into Teach For America, an AmeriCorps program, and taught for three years in Title I schools in Oklahoma. This experience shed light on the disconnect often felt between urban, low-income, and underserved populations and agriculture. My aim is to begin bridging this gap by incorporating agricultural experiences into everyday life for everyone Ė no matter the demographic.

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Carla Barbieri, PhD (
PRTM associate professor in Equitable & Sustainable Tourism.
I lead the Agritourism & Societal Well-being lab. My main research line focuses on farm entrepreneurial diversification, especially related to agritourism development. I also conduct studies on the socio-cultural aspects of niche tourism, especially related to natural and coastal resources. I teach at the undergraduate (Sustainable Tourism) & graduate (Advanced Theories and Leisure Research) levels and I am also a specialist of the Tourism Extension team.
(Complete CV).
Dorothy H. Anderson, PhD (
PRTM professor emerita & former Department Head.

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