Choosing a College


Choosing a College

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The Big Puzzle




Consider these questions:

  • Do I want to go to a school which is…
    • a. Small (‹1,000), medium (1,000-5,000), large (5000-12,000), or extra-
      large (›12,000)?
    • b. Co-educational or single sex?
    • c. In my home state, a nearby state, or far away?
    • d. Private or public?
    • e. Liberal arts or has a specialized curriculum?

    For more extensive exploration, check out the Princeton Review website.

  • Talk with admissions representatives when they visit campus.

  • Check college websites as well as files in the counseling center for more information.
    Note admissions requirements, graduation requirements, and majors or special areas of

  • Make a list of 5-6 colleges that includes "safeties," "possibilities," and "stretches."
    See this site to discern selectivity:

  • Visit colleges (if possible) during the summer before or fall of your senior year. The
    following site offers excellent advise on visiting and interviewing at universities:

  • Create a college comparison worksheet. For an example see:

last updated November 3, 2002

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