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United States Army is the most powerful ground force in the world. It upholds the ideals set forth in the US Constitution and acts to support the interests of the US. The Army is predominantly a land force to safeguard national interest and prevent global calamity through peaceful solutions protecting the security of the US and its vital resources. As part of a
national military strategy these forces work in a joint, combined and multinational mission extending from peacekeeping services to disaster relief to major theater wars and training in preparation for an uncertain global future.

United States Navy is a service branch whose mission is to maintain, train, and equip combat ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining travel, trade and freedom of the seas. Protecting the national interests of the US overseas during times of international conflict through power projection ashore, its forces include air, surface, subsurface, and ground personnel. Ships and submarines at sea, planes in the air, and land based duty stations offer reapid response to crisis.

United States Air Force is a branch of service in and of itself. The US Air Force's mission is to defend the US through control and exploitation of air and space. The Air Force flies and maintains aircraft such as long-range bombers, supersonic fighters, and AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems.) Individual careers may include firefighters, aircraft mechanics, security police or air traffic controllers.

United States Marine Corps was established in 1775 as part of the Department of the Navy to operate in close cooperation with the US naval forces at sea. The Marines mission is unique as they serve on Naval ships,protect Naval bases, guard US Embassies, and provide a short notice, ever ready strike force to protect US interests worldwide. These individuals fly planes and helicopters, operate radar equipment, drive armored vehicles, gather intelligence, survey and map territory, and maintain and repair combat equipment.

Army National Guard has a unique dual-mission that consists of both Federal and State government roles. It is not only part of the nation's military force, but is also responsible to respective states during times of national, state or community emergencies to maintain, train and equip units for prompt mobilization or as otherwise required by state law.

The governors of each state command the Air National Guard during crises such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. During a national crisis the president of the US may also activate the Air National Guard.

United States Coastguard is one of five branches of the US military forces and falls under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Transportation. In time of war it may be placed under the Navy Department as part of the
Department of Defense. It is the country's oldest seagoing service whose mission is to protect America's coastlines and inland waterways by enforcing customs and fishing laws, with responsibilities that include SAR (search and rescue), MLE (military law enforcement), ATON (Aids to navigation),Icebreaking, Environmental Protection, Port Security and Military Security.

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