The Layman Lab    aquatic ecology • food webs • predator-prey interactions • outreach and education

My lab's interdisciplinary pursuits provide for a multi-faceted understanding of environmental change in the coastal realm. We are ecologists, asking questions that span population, community, ecosystem and evolutionary sub-disciplines.  We often use a food web perspective, exploring top-down (e.g., predation) and bottom-up (e.g., nutrient excretion) mechanisms by which animals affect ecosystem processes. All of our efforts are framed within a broader outreach framework, directly integrating science and education. We currently are working primarily in coastal ecosystems of the Bahamas and North Carolina.

Recent News and Other Highlights from the Lab

  • Congratulations to Sean Giery who was recetly awarded a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvment Grant!
  • Welcome to Marta Albo-Puigserver, a visiting scientist from Spain.
  • Check for lots of updates coming on the publications list. Great work by all of the students in getting their research out quickly!
  • We are off to Haiti next month to expand our research on fish nutrient supply in seagrass ecosystems. See all of our updates over at Abaco Scientist.