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New website and new blog!

I have been working for over 2 years now on the generic distribution of ants and the website is open since last May,

and recently (October) I just open a blog ( related to this website to explain it in more details and present the updates.

I hope you will like both!


New photos added 2nd January 2009

Leptogenys, Octostruma, Procryptocerus, Pseudomyrmex, Strumigenys from Venezuela

New photos added 13-14 December 2008

Cylindromyrmex, a male of Eciton burchellii, Ectatomma tuberculatum, 2 species of Eurhopalothrix, Prionopelta, Labidus, Myrmelachista, Nesomyrmex, Nomamyrmex and Typhlomyrmex from Venezuela

Platythyrea punctata, Myrmelachista ramulorum, Odontomachus sp. from Puerto Rico and more animals from Puerto Rico and North Carolina!

New photos added 12 October 2008

Acromyrmex, Anochetus, Centromyrmex, Cyphomyrmex from Venezuela and Frogs!

New photos added 19 September 2008

Cephalotes spp. and Pheidole from Venezuela

New photos added 30 August 2008

Wasmannia auropunctata from Venezuela

New photos added 26 August 2008

First set of the Antcourse pictures from Venezuela: Acanthognathus sp., Brachymyrmex sp. and Thaumatomyrmex atrox

New photos added 19 July 2008

Ants from Japan, Costa Rica and some more from North Carolina and Tennessee + New presentation of the pictures

New genera:

Acanthoponera, Apterostigma, Azteca, Cephalotes, Cyphomyrmex, Eciton, Ectatomma, Gnamptogenys, Leptogenys, Myrmecina, Myrmica, Paraponera, Pristomyrmex, Proceratium, Procryptocerus, Pyramica, Sericomyrmex

New species in:

Acromyrmex, Aphaenogaster, Camponotus, Crematogaster, Dolichoderus, Lasius, Odontomachus, Pachycondyla, Paratrechina, Pheidole, Pseudomyrmex, Solenopsis, Strumigenys, Temnothorax, Tetramorium, Trachymyrmex

New photos added 26 March 2008

Atta cephalotes, Crematogaster ashmeadi, Pseudomyrmex sp., Technomyrmex albipes (new species), Camponotus chromaiodes (more pics)

New photos added 22 February 2008

Pachycondyla chinensis attacking termites

New photos added 18 February 2008

Pheidole dentata (new species)

New photos and Announcements 04 February 2008

Creation of the new Internet Forum: Formicidae, dedicated to the discussion of ant biology!

New pictures: Here!

New photos added 07 January 2008

Camponotus darwinii(new species), Lasius interjectus (new species), Temnothorax minutissimus (new species) and Amblyopone pallipes (more pics), Camponotus castaneus (more pics), Pachycondyla chinensis (more pics), Solenopsis molesta (more pics) and Trachymyrmex septentrionalis (more pics)

New photos added 15 December 2007

Temnothorax pergandei (new species) and Temnothorax curvispinosus (more pics)

New photos added 19 November 2007

Tapinoma sessile (more pics)

New photos added 11 November 2007

Temnothorax tuscaloosae (new species), more Temnothorax curvispinosus, Crematogaster undet. and Camponotus castaneus

New photos added 7 November 2007

Hypoponera sp. (new species) and Pheidole sp. (new species)

New photos added 4 November 2007
  Amblyopone pallipes (new species), and more Trachynyrmex spetentrionalis and Aphaenogaster tennesseensis

Last Update: January 2009