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To read the text of the CNN article, please click here. Thank you.

This is a link to a short 5 Mb video of DL Hughley talking about my article during a stand-up special. I definitely appreciated seeing this.

Things have been rather interesting over the past year or so. I've learned a lot of things about people and a lot of things about comedy, if you want to call it that. I have always believed that what I did was not wrong, for the purpose of the article I wrote was not for money or to slander a name. I wrote the article to make people laugh, and I think it accomplished that. For this reason, Im happy with myself and the result of everything I have done. I recently graduated from NC State, a school I hold dear to my heart and have appreciated during my tenure. I will continue with my life and one day this page and all the records and emails will be gone. But when it's all said and done, I will be glad to have been a part of something like this, and will appreciate the story that I will be able to tell to interested listeners. Thank you for all the emails and words of encouragement. They have meant a lot.

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