The seminar meets on Friday from 4:00-4:50 pm in Harrelson Hall, Room 335, unless otherwise specified.

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Organizers: Bojko Bakalov and Kailash C. Misra

E-mail: bojko_bakalov at ncsu dot edu

               misra at math dot ncsu dot edu



Spring 2008 Schedule:


January 11, Todor Milanov, Stanford University


                  Picard-Lefschetz periods and integrable hierarchies

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335


January 25, Seth Sullivant, Harvard University


                  Algebraic Statistics

                  Special seminar 4:00-4:50, HA 335


February 29, David Speyer, MIT


                  Sortable elements - beyond finite type

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335


March 10 (Monday), Jiang Zeng, Université Claude Bernard Lyon-I, France


                  Addition theorems via continued fractions

                  4:00-4:50, HA 330


March 14, Patricia Hersh, Indiana University


                  Regular cell complexes in total positivity

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335


March 24 (Monday), Alberto De Sole, Harvard University


                  Poisson vertex algebras in the theory of Hamiltonian equations

                  4:00-4:50, HA 330


March 28, Cristiano Husu, University of Connecticut


                  The Jacobi identity for vertex operators, and standard A_1^{(1)} and A_2^{(2)}-modules

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335


April 18, Dimitar Grantcharov, San Jose State University


                  Categories of weight modules of Lie algebras

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335


April 25, Tom Lada, NC State University


                  L-infinity modules vs OCHA's (Open-Closed Homotopy Algebras)

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335



Fall 2007 Schedule:


August 31, Drew Armstrong, University of Minnesota


                  Fuss-Catalan combinatorics of finite Coxeter groups

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


September 7, Tornike Kadeishvili, Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Republic of Georgia


                  A∞ algebra structure in cohomology and the rational homotopy type

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


September 14, Tom Lada, NC State University


                  A∞ and L∞ algebras in the context of brace algebras

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


September 21, Plamen Koev, NC State University


                  Recent computational advances in multivariate statistics with applications to target recognition and genomics

                  4:00-4:50, HA 335


September 28, David Speyer, University of Michigan


                  Hives by degenerating triples of flags

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


October 5, Amassa Fauntleroy, NC State University


                  Unipotent quotients and A^1-contractibility

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


October 12, Fall break


October 25 (Thursday), Richard Stanley, MIT


                  Increasing and decreasing subsequences

                  11:45-12:45, HA 371


November 2, Naihuan Jing, NC State University


                  Wreath product Schur functions

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


November 9, Sami Assaf, University of Pennsylvania


                  A combinatorial proof of Macdonald positivity using dual equivalence graphs

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


November 16, Nathan Reading, NC State University


                  Counting chains in noncrossing partition lattices

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


November 23, Thanksgiving


November 30, Vesselin Drensky, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


                  Automorphisms and derivations of polynomial and free associative algebras

                  3:00-3:50, HA 335


December 7, Last day of classes



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Seminar Organizers:  Bojko Bakalov and Kailash C. Misra