MA  225       Section 3        Course Info         Fall 2001

Information concerning the course will be posted here from time to time throughout the semester.

Instructor:            John Bishir
Office:                  HA 236
Office Hours:        9:30 - 10:30  MWF    and by appointment
Office Phone:        515-3350
FAX:                     515-3798


Textbook:        --       Bond and Keane   An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
                                                                $93.70 new  or  $70.30 used

Homework, Tests, Exam, and Grades

       This course will be graded on the plus/minus system.

       There will be three tests during the semester, with the test average counting 54% of the
course grade.  Missed tests can be made up for valid reasons, such as illness, as described
in University regulations.

        The  final exam  is scheduled for 1 PM on Monday, December 17, and will count 27%
of the grade.

         The  Homework Grade  (19%)  will be based on  Homework Tests (10%)  and on
Homework Preparation and class Participation (9%).  For more information, click on
Grading, below.

         Homework will be assigned and collected each class day.   I will look it over and make suggestions as to technique and general approach in order to keep you posted on how you are doing.   Late HW will be accepted, but you might get no feedback.  Solutions to many HW problems will be placed on reserve in the D.H. Hill Reserve Room.  To gain maximum benefit, work on these problems before you look at the solutions, and pay close attention to the approach used in these solutions.

Other Course Information

Course Syllabus

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Technical Background Info

Sample Tests

Example Final Exam

Review for Test # 1

Review for Test # 2

Review for Test # 3

Course Review

List of Equivalences

Proofs via Contrapositive

Proofs Using Contradiction

Parsley's Puzzle

Official University Information

Policy on incomplete grades and late assignments:

         Incomplete grades are given only in special circumstances, as specified in official University

Policy on absences (excused and unexcused) and scheduling makeup work:

         The attendance policy is consistent with the Academic Regulations which can be found at (link)

Course Prerequisites / Restrictive Statements:

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Academic Integrity Statement:

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NC State policy on working with students with disabilities:

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Statement on laboratory safety or risk assumption in courses requiring physical activity or field trips

          There are no field trips or special physical activities for this course


Statement on "pass-through" charges e.g. , lane rental at bowling alley, field trip costs, etc.:

There are no such charges for this course.

Further Information:

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