NSMC '99
Numerical Solution of Markov Chains.
Zaragoza, Spain

Proceedings Published by
Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza

``Numerical Solution of Markov Chains''

Edited by

B. Plateau, W.J. Stewart and M. Silva

Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on the Numerical Solution of Markov Chains is a collection of peer-reviewed articles presented at the Workshop on Numerical Solutions of Markov Chains which was held in September 1999 in Zaragoza, Spain. The meeting was held jointly with


Editado por Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza
C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12
ISBN: 84-7733-512-5

Table of Contents

  1. An efficient and accurate decomposition method for open finite and infinite buffer queueing networks.
    R. Sadre, B. Haverkort, A.Ost.

  2. An aggregation-based solution method for M/G/1-type processes.
    G. Ciardo, A. Riska, E. Smirni.

  3. A class of Markov processes on a semi-infinite strip.
    I. Adan, J. Resing.

  4. Distributed disk-based solution techniques for large Markov models.
    W. Knottenbelt, P. Harrison.

  5. Distributed steady state analysis using Kronecker algebra.
    P. Buchholz, M.Fischer, P. Kemper.

  6. Experimental study of parallel iterative solutions of Markov chains. with block partitions.
    V. Migallon, J. Penades, D. Szyld.

  7. Cascaded deterministic and stochastic Petri nets.
    R. German.

  8. Computational properties of algorithm "Refund" for the fundamental/group inverse matrix of a Markov chain.
    I. Sonin, J. Thornton.

  9. Projection methods for the analysis of stochastic automata networks.
    P. Buchholz.

  10. Performability analysis of Markov reward models with rate and impulse rewards.
    S. Racz, M. Telek.

  11. Multi-terminal binary decision diagrams to represent and analyse continuous time Markov chains.
    H. Hermanns, J. Kayser, M. Siegle.

  12. Bounds for rewards of systems with client/server interaction.
    S. Donatelli, S. Haddad, P. Moreau, M. Sene.

  13. Stochastic comparison, reorderings and NCD Markov chains.
    T. Dayar, N. Pekergin.

  14. A new algorithm for the design of finite capacity service units.
    D. Bini, S. Chakravarthy, B. Meini.

  15. Analysis of a delay-loss system with a super-imposed Markovian arrival process and state-dependant service times.
    U. Krieger, V. Naumov.

  16. Modelling and simulation of interference noise in electronic integrated circuits using Markov chain models.
    A. Demir, P. Feldmann.

  17. Efficiency of an IPhP-3 illustrated through a model in cellular networks.
    M. Remiche.

  18. A Markovian approach on analyzing the performance of parallel/distributed simulation under general computational graphs.
    J. Lui, W. Lam.


  19. Stochastic automata networks: Using structural properties to reduce the state space.
    J.M. Fourneau.
  20. Asynchronous iterations for the solution of Markov systems.
    M. Jarraya, D. El Baz.
  21. Using non-symmetric permutations to solve large Markov chains.
    F. Quessette, A. Troubnikoff.
  22. Reliability computation of systems that operate in multiple phases and multiple missions.
    D. Twigg, A. Ramesh, U. Sandadi, A. Anand, C. Sharma.

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