An undergraduate text on the fundamentals of probability theory.

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"A First Course in Probability''
William J. Stewart

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The primary purpose of this book is to provide an introductory text for a one semester undergraduate course in probability. The only assumed background knowledge is that of calculus, which makes it suitable, not only for those following curricula in the mathematical sciences, but also for students whose future careers lie in diverse engineering fields, biological sciences, management science, among many others. The text covers all the probability concepts that are necessary for study in these areas and does so in a clear and methodical manner.

Furthermore, the pedagogic approach that is adopted in the text, together with the more than 200 examples and worked exercises that are omnipresent and whose solutions are provided in great detail, enable students working on their own, or perhaps returning to school after a period of time in industry, to master probability theory relatively quickly.

A brief glance at the Table of Contents should be sufficient to illustrate how completely the probability material is covered, while a perusal of the initial pages of each chapter (see links near top of page) provide an indication of the writing style and pedagogic approach.

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