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Fall 2008:
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 BUS 514 Technology, Law & the Internet  BUS 305 Legal Environment of Business in the Information Age Cyberlaw and E-Commerce, McGraw Hill, Baumer Poindexter
Cyberlaw Initiative Professional Consulting
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ALSB 2010 Statistics Speech Richmond    

 Dept.Goals:2006-07  EndofYear.Address  BUS 590: Biotech and Pharma Law
 2007 Alumni Extension Award Winner: Fay Payton  2007 COM Teaching Excellence Award Winner: Paul Bergey  Strange Bedfellows
 Digital Rights Management  http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/UDR66SKovICgFhQHzOx2  Bus.Adm. Overview


ALSB/The Technology Report

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 Legal Environment BUS 305 Privacy Generally
 Employment Law  BUS 432 Cyberlaw Symposium
Intellectual Property and Internet Law  Cyberlaw Presentation Cyberlaw Detective
 E-Commerce  BUS 305* BUS 504*

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Supply Chain Management

 Cyberlaw Initiative  Cyberlaw and E-Commerce
 Kennedy Covington
 Tobin Presentation
 Feb. 2007 Presentation
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