Dennis Bahler and J. Bowen, Design Rationale Management in Concurrent Engineering, 10th Natl. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-92), Workshop on Design Rationale Capture and Use, San Jose, 1992.

The ability to capture and use design rationales, part of what we call Design Rationale Management (DRM), is an important facet of Concurrent Engineering. Galileo2 is a language for constructing interactive design advice systems for Concurrent Engineering, based on a generalization of constraint processing. We briefly describe the features of Galileo2 which make it especially suitable for constructing Concurrent Engineering applications and supporting DRM. We also sketch an example interaction with a typical application program written in the language; this example scenario shows how an advisor written in Galileo2 uses DRM among other methods to support consultation, coordination, and negotiation among multiple engineers who are expert in different aspects of the product life cycle.
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