J. Bowen and Dennis Bahler, Task Coordination in Concurrent Engineering, 10th Natl. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-92), Workshop on Enterprise Integration, San Jose, 1992.

Concurrent Engineering (CE) in an important facet of Enterprise Integration. Galileo3 is a language for constructing interactive design advice systems for CE, based on a generalization of constraint processing. We briefly overview the language, emphasizing the features which we believe make it especially suitable for constructing applications to support task coordination in CE. Then we provide an example interaction with a typical application program written in the language; this example scenario shows how an advisor written in Galileo3 supports coordination among multiple engineers who are interested in different aspects of a product life cycle. Galileo3 runs on IBM PS/2 workstations under DOS. Earlier versions of Galileo have run on DEC Ultrix workstations and a future port of Galileo3 to this environment is planned.
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