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                     FRIDAY THE 13TH TRANSCRIPT

Written by Victor Miller
Transcribed by Matthew Head, friday13@arches.uga.edu

Scene 1.  Summer, Camp Crystal Lake, 1958, nighttime.  Counselors and
campers are singing "Tom Dooley."  A mysterious person enters the Fox
Cabin, walking through it past sleeping campers.  A book about casting
is lying on a table.  Back at the campfire, the song has changed to
"The River of Jordan," and two campers sneak off together.  The rest
continue, singing "Tom Dooley."  It's a full moon as the counselors
enter a cabin.

CLAUDETTE:  Somebody'll see...
BARRY:  Please... (turns on lights)
CLAUDETTE:  Does Mary Anne kiss as good as I do?
BARRY:  How would I know?
CLAUDETTE:  Oh, you... (they continue into the cabin, upstairs, they
  prepare a blanket on the floor, sitting down)  You said I was special.
BARRY:  I meant everything (they resume kissing).

Someone gets up from a lying position at the foot of the stairs and
walks up them.  The counselors continue to giggle and mock-protest.
The boards of the stairs creak.

CLAUDETTE:  Somebody's there (they dress frantically).
BARRY:  Uh (looking at person) we weren't doing anything; we were just
  fooling a- (clutches stomach as he's stabbed)
CLAUDETTE:  (screams)  Please, don't!  No!  (screams as she's stabbed)

Main Titles.

Scene 2.  Friday, June 13th, Present, morning.  Annie walks over a
bridge into town, passing a Delicatessen.  A clock chimes seven times.
She stops at a gas station with Crystal Lake written on the tanks; she
talks to a dog lying there.

ANNIE:  Hi, girl, excuse me, hi boy!  Hey, do you speak english?  How
  far is it to Camp Crystal Lake?  That far, huh?  Okey dokey, see
  ya later (she continues).
RADIO ANNOUNCEMENT:  ...KLL1 on Friday the 13th of June... this is Big
  Dave and it's time for you lazy bones to get out of bed... it's black
  cat day in Crystal Lake... (music starts)

Annie enters a diner with a Waitress, Janitor, Truck Driver, Female
Customer, and a Male Customer.

TRUDY (Waitress):  I must've seen that Kojack 82 times...
ANNIE:  Excuse me, uh, how far is Crystal Lake from here?
TRUDY:  What is it, Enus, 'bout 20 miles?
TRUCK DRIVER:  'Bout that.
FEMALE CUSTOMER:  (reading paper) Camp Blood... they're opening up that
  place again?
TRUCK DRIVER:  Lots o' luck.
ANNIE:  Can I get a buzz or something?
TRUDY:  You goin' out to the crossroads, Enus (truck driver nods), what
  about a lift?  It'll be halfway.
TRUCK DRIVER:  No sweat, Trudy (getting up), okay, kid, let's move it.
ANNIE:  Name's Annie.
TRUCK DRIVER:  Alright Annie, let's go.

They exit onto the street, passing an old bicycle.

TRUCK DRIVER:  Are all the girls up there gonna look as good as you?
ANNIE:  Oh, I don't know...
CRAZY RALPH:  (appearing from nowhere) Going to Camp Blood, ain't ya?
TRUCK DRIVER:  Goddamn it, Ralph!  Get outa here, go on, get!  Leave
  people alone!
CRAZY RALPH:  You'll never come back again!
TRUCK DRIVER:  Oh shut up, Ralph!
CRAZY RALPH:  It's got a death curse!
TRUCK DRIVER:  (after they pass) He's a real Prophet of Doom, ain't
  he?  Come on, climb up, miss (he helps her into his red truck).

Ralph rides his bike away, and the truck gets moving.

TRUCK DRIVER:  I tell ya, he's causing problems enough for your boss
  with all that talk... goddamn nuisance... (they drive over a bridge,
  through a residential area) He tell ya anything?
ANNIE:  Oh, I'll be cooking for fifty kids and ten staff.  The campers
  will mostly be like inner city children.
TRUCK DRIVER:  I mean about what happened.
TRUCK DRIVER:  (shakes head)
ANNIE:  Come on, there's something you're not telling me.
TRUCK DRIVER:  Quit.  Quit now.
ANNIE:  Quit?  Why would I wanna quit?
TRUCK DRIVER:  Camp Crystal Lake is jinxed.
ANNIE:  Oh, terrific.  Not you, too.  You sound like your crazy friend
  back there, Ralph.
TRUCK DRIVER:  Did Christy ever tell you 'bout the two kids murdered in
  fifty-eight?  Boy drowning in fifty-seven?  Buncha fires.  Nobody
  knows who did any of 'em.  In 1962, they was gonna open up... the
  water was bad.  Christy'll end up just like his folks, crazy and
  broke.  He's been up there a year fixin' up that place.  He musta
  dropped twenty-five thousand dollars and for what?  Ask anybody, quit.
ANNIE:  I can't.
TRUCK DRIVER:  Dumb kids.  Know-it-alls.  Just like my niece, heads full
  a rocks.
ANNIE:  You're an American Original.
TRUCK DRIVER:  (mocking) I'm an American Original.  Dumb kid.
ANNIE:  At least I'm not afraid of ghosts (they stop at ____tian
  cemetery and road junction, Annie is let out).
TRUCK DRIVER:  Take care of yourself, kid.
ANNIE:  No sweat, thanks a lot for the lift!

Scene 3. Bright red pickup truck headed down the road.  Three teens,
Jack, Marcie, and Ned are inside.  Ned drives while Jack and Marcie
playfully jibe and fondle one another.

NED:  Hey, no, Marcie, you really think there'll be other gorgeous
  women at Camp Crystal Lake besides yourself?
MARCIE:  Is sex all you ever think about?
NED:  Hey, no, no, absolutely not.
JACK:  Ha!
NED:  Sometimes I just think about kissing women.

They pass through wooden arches reading Camp Crystal Lake and past the
sign, "Camp Crystal Lake, est. 1935."  There's also a colorful false
totem pole beside it.  They drive up the dirt road to Steve Christy
chopping wood with an AXE.They all hop out.

STEVE:  Hey, ya wanna give me a hand over here?
JACK and NED:  Sure.
STEVE:  Alice!  We wanna get this tree stump out.  Get on this side; he
  pulls on that side, and I'm flack.  On three, okay?  Alice!
ALICE:  Coming!  (carrying old RIFLE and bucket out of Cabin B)
STEVE:  (they rull the stump out) That's great, that's great!  I'm
  Steve Christy (holding his hand out).
JACK:  Jack Marand.
MARCIE:  Marcie Stanler.
NED:  Neddy? Rubinstein.
STEVE:  Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake.  Well, this is Alice.
ALICE:  Hi, uh, Steve, Cabin B's all ready.
STEVE:  Uh, listen, where's Bill?  Has he finished clearing out the
  Boathouse yet?
ALICE:  I don't know.  I haven't seen him in the past half hour.
STEVE:  Oh, I want him to start painting right away.  Well, what about
ALICE:  You told her to go set up the Archery Range.
STEVE:  No, no, I'd rather her paint.  Well, come on, let's go.
NED:  I thought we had two weeks (snickering to Jack and Marcie).
ALICE:  Come on, I'll show you where you can get changed.
NED:  Okay...

Scene 4.  Steve walks up to a cabin porch and sits a cardboard box down.
He notices Alice having a hard time fixing the gutter, and walks up to
her ladder.

STEVE:  Hey, lemme give you a hand with that.
ALICE:  Thank you.
STEVE:  Here, I got it (holding the gutter in place).

Alice fixes the gutter with NAILS and a HAMMER, while Steve looks at
her sketch pad.

STEVE:  You draw very well.
ALICE:  Thanks.  I wish I had more time to do it (she hurts herself).
STEVE:  When did you do this?
ALICE:  Last night.
STEVE:  Do I really look like this?
ALICE:  You did last night (puts ladder up, puts HAMMER and NAILS in
STEVE:  You're very talented and very pretty.  This really isn't your
  cup of tea, is it?
ALICE:  (shrugs) nhm.
STEVE:  Any particular reason?
ALICE:  It's just a problem I have, nothing personal.
STEVE:  You wanna leave?
ALICE:  I don't know... I may have to go back to California to
  straighten something out.
STEVE:  (sighs) Come on, give me another chance.  Stay a week, help get
  the place ready.  By Friday, if you're not happy, I'll put you on the
  bus myself.
ALICE:  Alright, Friday, I'll give it a week.
STEVE:  (brushing his hand through her hair) Thanks, Alice.

Scene 5.  Alice runs through the woods towards the dock where Bill is

ALICE:  Bill, Steve wants to know if we need more paint.
BILL:  Paints alright, maybe need some more thinner, though.
ALICE:  Okay, I'll tell him.
BILL:  Alice, the others show up?
ALICE:  Yeah, everyone except that girl who's supposed to handle the
BILL:  You think they're gonna last all summer?
ALICE:  I don't know if they're gonna last all week.  I'll tell Steve
  about the thinner (she heads back through the woods).
BILL:  Right.

Scene 6.  Jack, Ned, Bill, and Brenda listen to Steve as he gives
instructions from his jeep before he leaves for town.

JACK:  You want it listed separately?
STEVE:  That's right... and, uh, after lunch, Brenda, I want you to
  finish up the Archery Range, okay?
BRENDA:  Okay.

Alice walks up.

STEVE:  Now, if Annie gets here, get her started in the kitchen.  Now,
  do your best, alright?  I'll be back sometime before lunch.  Looks
  like it's gonna rain like hell, so get as much done as possible.  I
  don't wanna get too far behind.

He drives off as they say goodbye.

NED:  He neglected to mention that downtown they call this place Camp
  Blood (he walks off with a garbage bag).
MARCIE:  Next you're going to tell us there're poisonous snakes in the
  Outhouse... and crocodiles.
JACK:  No, the crocodiles are in the cabinets!

Brenda, Bill, and Marcie walk off as well.

Scene 7.  The Archery Range.  Brenda lugs a big hay target up to its
post.  She puts it on and looks at it, as an arrow swooshes by,
startling her and hitting the target.

NED:  Ta-da!
BRENDA:  Are you crazy?!
NED:  (holding two arrows up to the bow) Wanna see my trick shot?
BRENDA:  I don't believe you!
NED:  (imitating Bogart) Ya know, you're beautiful when you're angry,
BRENDA:  Yeah?  Did you come up here to help me or to scare me to
  death?  If you do that again, I'm gonna take you up to the wall to
NED:  Yeah, but I'm... (they run off, laughing)

Scene 8.  Annie is hitchhiking near a bridge.  A jeep passes by, much
like Steve's, but covered.  It stops, and she runs up to it and puts
her red pack into behind inside, stepping in.

ANNIE:  Hi, I'm going to Camp Crystal Lake.  Guess I always wanted to
  work with children.  I hate when people call them kids, makes 'em
  sound like little goats.  But when you've had a dream as long as I've
  had, you'll do anything.

They drive through a heavily wooded area and pass a road flanked by a
mailbox on one side and a tree with a wooden sign on it.

ANNIE:  Hey, wasn't that the road up for Camp Crystal Lake back there?
  (no reply)  Hey, I think we'd better stop.  (they speed up)  Please!
  Please, stop!  Please, stop!

She jumps out, hurting her ankle on a rock.  The jeep stops and reverses
towards her.  She stumbles into the woods.  The person from the jeep
follows her.  Annie gets deeper and deeper into the woods, and it seems
like she's lost the pursuer, but the person appears in front of her.

ANNIE:  No, no!  (her throat is cut with a HUNTING KNIFE).

Scene 9.  Jack, Marcie, and Ned are on the dock, while Brenda swims in
the water.  It's around lunchtime and they're taking a break.

NED:  Now, if you were a flavor of ice cream, what would it be?
MARCIE:  (in a Stockard Channing in Grease voice) Rocky Road! (she
  pushes Ned into the water)
NED:  Hey!

Across the lake, a hand pushes a branch back, watching the couselors.

MARCIE:  What's that vitamin C stuff do for ya anyway?
BRENDA:  It's supposed to neutralize the nitrates or something (she
  pulls back towards the dock, seeing something).
MARCIE:  What's the matter, you see something?
BRENDA:  No (Jack swims up from under her) Oh!  Hey, you guys ready
  to go back to work (yelling to Bill and Alice on the beach)?
BILL:  Yeah.  Come on, Alice.
NED:  (splashing around in the water)  Help!  Help!
BRENDA:  Something's wrong with Ned!
JACK:  Get a life preserver!

Alice gets preserver; Bill and Marcie get canoe and OAR; Jack dives in
and they work together to save Ned, pulling him onto the dock.

JACK:  You know mouth-to-mouth?
BRENDA:  Yeah (she leans down and starts mouth-to-mouth).
JACK:  Come on, Ned.  Come on!

Ned begins to kiss Brenda, revealing his ploy.

JACK:  Oh, Ned, Jesus Christ!

Scene 10.  Alice in her cabin wearing a pink robe.  She's looking
through her drawers when she sees a snake and yells for Bill you comes
in with a MACHETE.

BILL:  What is it?
ALICE:  There's a snake over there.
BILL:  Where?  What do I do?
ALICE:  Kill it!
BILL:  It might bite!
ALICE:  Haven't you ever been in the woods?
BILL:  I'm not in the woods!

Jack runs in with a SHOVEL.  Marcie, Ned, and Brenda follow.

JACK:  Jesus, Bill, what are you doing?
BILL:  There's a snake in here.
MARCIE:  Then what are we doing in here?
NED:  Whoa--feet don't fail me now!
ALICE:  There he is!  (they dive under the bed for it)  I can't sleep
  with a snake in here!
MARCIE:  (to Jack) You never said anything about snakes.
ALICE:  Kill it!
NED:  (imitating John Wayne) You heard the lady!
BILL:  I can't get it til it comes out.
ALICE:  Well, call him!
BILL:  How do you call a snake?

Jack knocks over the nightstand accidentally, and the snake slithers
out from under the bed.  There is brief havoc, but Bill kills the
snake with the MACHETE.

ALICE:  Is it dead?
NED:  Either that, or its got a very short clone.
ALL but NED:  (sighs, boos, and hisses)
MARCIE:  Well, at least we know what's for dinner!
ALL but MARCIE:  Oh, Marcie!

They depart, and Bill walks over rather despondant.

Scene 10.  Marcie and Brenda walk through the woods near the road
into the camp.

BRENDA:  I'm making salad.  You want me to go ahead and make some for
MARCIE:  That'd be great.  I think we've got some hamburger in there,
BRENDA:  I think there are apples.  You know how to make apple pie?
MARCIE:  Oh, sure, no sweat.

Officer Dorf rides up on his motorcycle at the same moment that Ned
surprises the girls by acting like an Indian with his shirt around
his waist and a headdress on.

NED:  (seeing the cop) Oh, shit.
DORF:  Alright, who are you people.
BRENDA:  Camp couselors.  Neddy's just foolin' around.
NED:  Hey, yeah, I'm just foolin' around.
DORF:  Can it, Coochies.  You say Steve Christy hired you?
BRENDA:  Yeah, uh huh.
DORF:  He pay you for this?

Jack walks up towards the motorcyle.

JACK:  Hey, nice bike!
DORF:  What've you been smokin' boy?
JACK:  Me?  Don't smoke, causes cancer.
DORF:  You know what I mean.  What'd you just get off a spaceship or
  something?  Columbian Gold, man, grass, hash, the weed, dig it?
NED:  Hey, what's he talking about?
DORF:  Hey, don't get smart.
NED:  Me, I'm as dumb as they come.

Jack walks back around to the bike.

DORF:  (to Ned)  Hey, not another word out of you, understand me?
BRENDA:  Officer, really, nothing's going on here.  We're just trying
  to get the place in shape.
BILL:  (now present)  Is there anything we can do to help?
MARCIE:  We'd be glad to help out.
DORF:  I'm looking for somebody.
BILL:  Who's that?
DORF:  A guy named Ralph, town crazy.
NED:  Oh, there's no crazy people 'round here!
DORF:  I told you to sit on it, Tonto.  Now I got word that Ralph was
  peddling out this way, spouting his gospel.
BILL:  Well, we haven't seen anybody here, Officer.
MARCIE:  Just us.
BRENDA:  Hey, this guy, Ralph, is he dangerous?
DORF:  Everytime that looney gets drunk, he gets his calling.  I end
  up spending the morning in court, and he gets a week in jail.

The CB on the motorcycle beeps, Jack looks at it.

VOICE:  Cycle 2, where are you?  Come in, Cycle 2... Cycle 2?
DORF:  (picking up mike) This is Dorf.  I'm out over here at Crystal
  Lake.  Over.
VOICE:  Haul it back in, Dorf.  Chief wants you back in town on the
DORF:  Roger that.  Ten-four.  On my way.  Out.  Never keep the Chief
  waiting.  You kids keep your noses clean, understand?  You'll be
  hearing from me if you don't.  We ain't gonna stand for no weirdness
  'round here.

Everyone giggles, and Officer Dorf rides off.

Scene 11.  Alice is in the Kitchen, fixing up everything.  She picks up
some POTS and a FRYING PAN while she sings softly.  She opens the door
to closet, and Crazy Ralph startles her.Alice screams, and Ned and
Marcie run inside.

CRAZY RALPH:  I'm the Messenger of God.  You're doomed if you stay
  here.  This place is cursed, cursed.  It's got a death curse.
ALICE:  Who are you?
MARCIE:  What do you want?
CRAZY RALPH:  God sent me.
NED:  Get out of here, man.
CRAZY RALPH:  I've gotta warn ya... you're doomed if you stay.  Go,
  go (he walks out).
NED:  I think we just met Ralph.
ALICE:  God, what's next?

Ralph rides away on his bike, while Alice watches him leave.It's
apparent that twilight is hitting the Camp.

CRAZY RALPH:  You're doomed.  You're all doomed!

Scene 12.  Inside the Kitchen.  Marcie is cutting apples with a KNIFE;
Jack is frying some hamburgers in the FRYING PAN; Brenda is fixing a
salad with another KNIFE.  Ned is watching Brenda.  Alice walks in with
a box. Bill stands in the corner of the room.

BRENDA:  How can you guys eat that stuff?  It looks like dead animals.
NED:  Dead animals?  That's the old counselors!
BRENDA:  Look, if you mix this stuff right, you'd get all the protein
  you need.
BILL:  Too bad Annie never showed up; she was supposed to be quite
  a good cook.
MARCIE:  Yeah, well, don't expect me to serve up to you guys.
JACK:  Uh oh, the Squaza? Revolt!
BILL:  Trouble?(seeing Alice fiddling with a light bulb)
ALICE:  Yeah, bad bulb or no power.  Seemed a little gloomy in here.
JACK:  Steve taught me how to use the emergency generator.  The town
  power lines are supposed to be pretty lousy.
NED:  God, don't you love that macho talk:  "emergency generator."
JACK:  Wanna get going?
BILL:  Yeah, let's go.
BRENDA:  Wait for me.
BILL:  Sure.
BILL to NED:  Don't burn 'em.

Scene 12.  The Emergency Generator Shed.  Bill, Jack, and Brenda walk
inside the dark shack.

BRENDA:  You really think this'll be bad out of shape?
BILL:  I don't know.  Hey, this looks almost like the one at my uncle's
  cabin in Maine.
JACK:  Well, here goes...(messes with generator)
BRENDA:  What an antique.

The generator starts up loudly.

BRENDA:  Well, what'dya got right?!

Scene 13.  Marcie and Jack are out by the lake, crossing over a log.
It's dark now.  Ned notices them, and he forlornly walks off,
whistling.  He walks near the Boathouse, and he sees and hears

NED:  Hello?  (walking up, thinking it might be Brenda)  Can I help
  you?  Hello?  Hello?

Marcie and Jack continue walking along.

JACK:  Oh, wind's come up.  Shifted a good 180 degrees.
MARCIE:  I'll need someone to hold onto (kisses Jack).What about Ned?
JACK:  I don't love Ned!
MARCIE:  He's acting like such a jerk.
JACK:  (yelling)  Neddy?
MARCIE:  Don't call him!
JACK:  I thought you wanted to give him one of your motherly lectures.
  Look, Neddy's gonna do whatever Neddy wants to do, ya know?

Lightning flashes.

JACK:  Oh, it's gonna storm.  It's gonna tear down that valley like
  a son of a gun.
MARCIE:  (sitting down) I've been afraid of storms ever since I was a
  little kid.
JACK:  (joining her)  No, really?
MARCIE:  Yeah, I've had this dream about five or six times where I'm
  in a thunderstorm, and it's raining really hard.  It sounds like
  pebbles when it hits the ground.  I can hear it and I try to block
  out the sound with my hands and it doesn't work.  It just keeps
  getting louder and louder and then the rain turns to blood and it
  washes away in little rivers and the sound stops.
JACK:  It's just a dream.
MARCIE:  Yeah, I know.  I call it My Shower Dream.
JACK:  But this is no dream.  Come on, we're gonna get soaked!

They run off, and the storm picks up.  It's extremely windy.  They go
back to their cabin with their flashlights.  Jack lights a candle, and
Marcie removes her pants.

JACK:  Huh?

Marcie lays on the bed; Jack removes his shirt, and they start to get

Scene 14.  Cabin B.  Alice and Brenda listen to Bill play the guitar.

ALICE:  Jack and Marcie are gonna get drenched.
BILL:  Not if they're where I think they are.
ALICE:  (feeding the fire in the fireplace)  That's nice.
BRENDA:  Uh hum, hey, I know what we can do.  We're gonna play
ALICE:  I hate Monopoly!
BRENDA:  Not the way I play it, you don't.
BILL:  What?
BRENDA:  We're going to play Strip Monopoly.  I'll be the shoe.
ALICE:  You have got to be kidding!
BILL:  What about if Steve walks in?
BRENDA:  Uh, we'll give him a handicap:  he can keep his boots on;
  everything else goes.  Now, it's easy:  instead of paying rent,
  you pay clothes.  Bill can be Banker.  Unless, of course, he's
BILL:  Uh, well heaven help you if you land on one of my  hotels.
BRENDA:  Why don't you see if Marcie left any of that grass?
BILL:  What happened to my five hundreds?
BRENDA:  They're right there; where's my shoe?

Cut back to Scene 13.  Jack and Marcie are having sex, not realizing
that Ned, dead body lies on the bunk above them with a slit throat.

Cut back to Scene 14.  Alice brings in some beers, and the pot starts
going around; they finish setting up the board.

ALICE:  I'm not gonna pass go without a glow.
BRENDA:  We already rolled for you; you're going last, okay?  Oh, and
  Community Chest cannot give you your clothes back (she rolls).
  Double sixes!  I get to roll again.
BILL:  I think we're being hustled.
ALICE:  I think you're right.

Cut back to Scene 13.  Jack and Marcie have finished.

MARCIE:  You are so fine (she starts to move).
JACK:  Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, where ya goin'?
MARCIE:  I gotta pee (her words are obscured by thunder).
JACK:  Hurry back, okay.  It's getting cold in here (he puts back on
  his shirt).
MARCIE:  You'll save my place for me?(puts on yellow raincoat)
JACK:  Oh yeah.

Cut back to Scene 14.  Alice rolls.

ALICE:  Five.  Baltic Avenue.  I'll buy it.
BILL:  Nobody ever lands on Baltic Avenue.
ALICE:  I think it's a pretty color.
BILL:  Okay.  (he rolls)
ALICE:  Come on... Ha!  Eight!  Baltic Avenue!  You owe me one boot!
BILL:  (taking off boot)  Coming...
BRENDA:  Alice draws first blood.
BILL:  That's a terrible way to talk about my feet.
ALICE:  Who's next?  You know, I think I'm beginning to like this game.
BRENDA:  Just wait until he lands on my old Kentucky home.
BILL:  More beer?  More beer.
BRENDA:  Let's see... railroad...

Cut back to Scene 13.Jack lights a cigarette.  Blood drops onto his
throat from above.  An arrow is shoved through his throat from below.

Scene 15.  Marcie walks into the Outhouse and puts down her raincoat.
She goes into a stall.  The door opens and someone walks in.  She looks
at the back of the stall door.

MARCIE:  "'Forty Yard to the Outhouse' by Willie Mason."  Come on, kids,
  you can do better than that.  (she hears something)  Jack?  Jack?
  Jack?  Hmmm.  (she exits stall and starts to wash hands).
MARCIE:  (imitating Katherine Hepburn) When I looked into that mirror,
  I knew I'd always be a maid.  I said Lizzy, you'd always be plain.
  (she laughs, but hears something)  Hello?  (she fixes the stopped
  water and resmes washing, but hears something again)  Ned?  Hey,
  come on, you guys.  (she opens the door to the showers, and opens up
  the 1st curtain) Ollie, ollie, enfrie!  (she opens the second one, but
  sees nothing)  Must be my imagination.  (she screams as an axe hits
  her in the head)

Cut back to Scene 14.  Bill has no shirt on now.

BILL:  Hello.
BRENDA:  Worst run of bad luck since Richard Nixon (takes off shirt).
BILL:  Well, you could always call it quits if you want to.
BRENDA:  Fat chance.  You're two steps away from Pacific Avenue and
  Skin City.
BILL:  Ohhh...
ALICE:  (rolls) ooops!
BILL:  well, what can I say?  It's not much, but I call it home.

Alice starts to take off her shirt, but the door blows open.

BILL:  I'll get it, I'll get it!
BRENDA:  Hold the money!  Get the money!
ALICE:  Oh drat!
BRENDA:  Oh!  I think I left the windows in my cabin open.  Well, we're
  gonna have to finish this game some other night (getting green rain-
  coat from hook).  Just when it was getting interesting.  See you guys
  in the morning (she leaves).
ALICE and BILL:  Seeya.  Goodnight.
ALICE:  Look at this mess!
BILL:  Hey, tell me, were you really gonna go ahead with this?
ALICE:  Actually, I hadn't made up my mind.
BILL:  Well, in that case, we'll have to finish the game a little later.
ALICE:  Oh yeah?

Scene 16.  Diner.  White car and jeep outside.  Inside are the Waitress
(Sandy), Steve Christy, and another Customer.  The Customer gets up and
leaves.  Steve continues to drink his coffee.

SANDY:  Steve, there anything else you want?
STEVE:  Oh, no, no, thanks Sandy, I'm fine.
SANDY:  You can't go back out there in that rain.  You wanna get
STEVE:  No, I've got to.  I've got six new counselors up at camp.  They
  are babes in the woods in every sense of the word.
SANDY:  Well, they'll be okay if they don't come out in the rain.
STEVE:  Uh huh.  Well, what do I owe you?
SANDY:  Just a night on the town, Steve.
STEVE:  Now, come on, Sandy, you know what I mean!
SANDY:  That's okay.  Two and a quarter and that's it.
STEVE:  (pays her, puts on yellow raincoat)
SANDY:  Thank you, Steve (rings up the money and gets out change)
  Okay, Steve, here's your change.
STEVE:  Oh, you keep it, Sandy.
SANDY:  Thank you!
STEVE:  Sure.
SANDY:  Drive careful.
STEVE:  I will.
SANDY:  Goodnight.

Steve gets in his jeep and leaaves.  He's got a trailer and soon passes
the Crystal Lake (28/29) sign.

Scene 17.  Outhouse.  Brenda walks in with toiletries.  The water won't
work in the third sink, but the second one works since Marcie fixed it.
She hears something.  She starts to brush her teeth, but the shower
curtain moves.  She finishes brushing and then hears something again.
She puts her hood on and starts to leave.  She looks at the curtain one
last time and then leaves.

Scene 18.  Side of Road.  Steve is trying to restart his trapped jeep,
but it won't crank.  A police car pulls up, and Steve gets in.

STEVE:  (to driver, Sgt. Tierney) Hi.
TIERNEY:  Hi, Steve... thought that thing would go through anything.
STEVE:  Not draggin a trailer.  Could you give me a lift?
STEVE:  I'll have one of my counselors bring it back in the morning.
TIERNEY:  Why not?

Scene 19.  Brenda's Cabin.  Brenda sits at her desk, writing something
in a pink robe.  She gets up and walks by her own sink (?).  She lights
a candle, turns off the desk lamp, and then takes off her robe to reveal
a nightgown.  She gets in bed and puts the candle nearby.  She starts
to read, but she hears a child-like voice.  She listens.

VOICE:  Help me!  (she goes back to reading, thinking it the wind)
  Help me!  (she gets out of bed, listens, then gets a flashlight and
  opens her door)
BRENDA:  Hello?  Hello?  (she runs out only in her gown)
VOICE:  Over here, please, somebody, help me!
BRENDA:  Hello!  Hello?  Hello?
VOICE:  Come quickly, please, come quickly, help!
BRENDA:  Where are you?  Hello?  (she runs into the archery range)
  Hello?  (the archery lights turn on, blinding her)  Alright!  Come
  on out!  It's not funny anymore!  It's not funny at all.  (screams)

Scene 19.  Cabin B.  Alice sits by the fire, halfheartedly playing the
quitar.  She gets up and feeds the fire with POKER.  The door opens,
and Bill comes in, wearing a red poncho.

ALICE:  Bill!
BILL:  Well, generator's okay.
ALICE:  I thought I heard a scream.
BILL:  Well, I couldn't hear anything through that wind!
ALICE:  It sounded like Brenda.
BILL:  I better take a look.
ALICE:  Yeah, and somebody turned on the lights at the archery range.
BILL:  What?  (looks our window)  I can't see anything.
ALICE:  They're off now!
BILL:  I'll go check it out.
ALICE:  Bill, can I come?
BILL:  Come on, then.

They walk out.  She wears a yellow raincoat and has a lantern.  The
go to Brenda's Cabin.

ALICE:  Brenda?  Brenda?  Where is she?  She must be with Jack and
  Marcie (unzips her coat).
BILL:  Alice?
ALICE:  Yeah?
BILL:  Come here.

She walks up, and he pulls back the sheets on one of the beds to reveal
a bloody AXE resting nicely on a pillow.

ALICE:  What is going on?!
BILL:  Come on!

They run out of Brenda's Cabin to Jack's Cabin.

ALICE:  Jack!
BILL:  Jack?
ALICE:  Jack?!
BILL:  Open the door.
ALICE:  Where are they?
BILL:  I don't know.  Come on.

They exit Jack's Cabin and go to the Outhouse.

ALICE:  Brenda?  Marcie?
BILL:  Hey, Jack??
ALICE:  Jack?  Neddie?  Bill, I think we should call someone.
BILL:  (picking up something on the sinks)  This is (a breaker?).
ALICE:  I really think we should call someone!

They exit the Outhouse and go to the Office.

BILL:  This door's locked!  Where's the key?
ALICE:  I don't know.  Wait a minute (looks around, gets a BOARD)
  Watch out!  (breaks window with BOARD).
BILL:  Careful!  (Alice opens the door)  Lemme get the light.
ALICE:  (they try the phone)  What's that?
BILL:  It's dead.  Try the payphone.
ALICE:  Do you have a dime and a quarter?
BILL:  (Here?)
ALICE:  Hello?  This damn thing's dead, too!

They exit the Office and go to the red truck, trying to start it.  It
isn't working, and they look under the hood.

ALICE:  What's the matter with it?
BILL:  It's wet... I don't know...
ALICE:  Why don't we just hike out of here?  Just get out, right now!
BILL:  It'll be ten miles to the nearest crossroads.  Steve'll be back
  soon.  We can use his jeep if we need to get help.  Don't worry,
  there's probably some stupid explanation for all this.
ALICE:  Like what?
BILL:  We'll be laughing about this tomorrow, I promise.  Let's get out
  of the rain.

Cut back to Scene 18.  Tierney and Steve are driving through the rain.

TIERNEY:  Not bad enough it's a Friday the 13th, but a full moon, too.
  We keep statistics.  We have more accidents, more rapes, more
  robberies, more homicides, more of everything when there's a full
  moon.  It upsets people, makes 'em nuts.
STEVE:  Aw, you could make a science out of coincidence.
TIERNEY:  You know, Ralph was out your way today.  His wife was a
  nervous wreck until we got him home.
STEVE:  Oh boy, that's all I need, Crazy Ralph running around.
TIERNEY:  Well, the rain's stopping.  It was miserable while it lasted.

The CB clicks on, and Tierney talks to it.

CB:  Sgt. Tierney, come in.  Sgt.  Tierney, car niner.
TIERNEY:  This is Tierney.
CB:  Rescue Squad.  Wreck near mile marker 17, possible male, three,
  maybe more, trapped, head on.
TIERNEY:  Roger, acknowledged receipt.  Estimate arrival 15 minutes.

The lights go on, and the cop pulls over.

TIERNEY:  I'm gonna have to let you off here, Steve.
STEVE:  Sure, thanks.
TIERNEY:  Good luck.

The siren starts, and the car drives into the darkness.  Steve Christy
walks up to the Crystal Lake established sign, but is met with a
flashlight in his eyes.

STEVE:  Hello?  (recognizes person with flashlight)  Oh, hi, what're
  you doin' out in this mess?

Steve is stabbed in the stomach.

Scene 20.  Someone enters the Emergency Generator Shed and cuts out
all of the lights in the camp.

Scene 21.  Cabin B.  Bill gathers two lanterns together while Alice
looks on sleepily, reacting to the weed.

ALICE:  What do you think happened?
BILL:  I don't know.  Generator's probably out of gas.  Gonna go check.
ALICE:  (practically asleep on the couch) You want me to come with you?
BILL:  Why don't you stay here and try to get some sleep?  Um, I'll be
  right back (puts on red parka, takes a lantern, exits).

He enters the Emergency Generator Shed.  He puts down his parka and
uses the lantern to try and see what's wrong.  He opens the gas tank
lid, looks inside, and then gets a dipstick and checks that.

BILL:  There's gas.

He replaces the lid and begins to check something else, taking lantern.

Scene 21.  Cabin B, Alice alone, asleep on the couch.

ALICE:  Bill!  Bill?  (waking up)  Generator (sighs).

Alice takes a lantern and goes into the kitchen.  She lights a match
and starts the Roder stove, putting a kettle on an eye.  She gets two
cups and some coffee grains.  She goes into the closet and gets some
sugar.  She looks around anxiously and sighs.

Outside.  She walks through the darkness, trying to locate Bill, with
her yellow raincoat on and the lantern.

ALICE:  Bill!  Bill!  Bill!  Bill!  Bill?  Bill?  Bill?

She enters the Emergency Generator Shed, sees the red parka, picks it
up and then drops it.

ALICE:  Bill?  Bill?!

She closes the Shed door and see's Bill pinned to the door with
ARROWS and with his through slit.

ALICE:  BILL!  BILL! (screams and runs)  Oh my god! (screams)

She runs into Cabin B, crying.  She puts the lantern down and holds the
door shut.  She gets some rope and ties the knob to a rafter.  She
closes the red window curtains and puts some logs, a chest, and a few
chairs against the door.

ALICE:  Please, please.

She takes the lantern and a BASEBALL BAT, goes into the kitchen, puts
the lantern down, gets a FORK, closes the yellow kitchen window
curtains, hears some animal noises, and leans up against the fridge.

ALICE:  What am I gonna do?

Brenda's roped, bloody body flies through the window.

ALICE:  Aaaahhh! (drops FORK and BAT, crawls towards door)  Oh god!

Her raincoat gets caught on the stove, and she leaves it there as she
hears a car pull up, one that sounds like Steve's jeep.

ALICE:  Steve, oh, Steve!  (removes her barricade, opens the door, runs
  out)  Steve, oh, Steve!  (realizes it's not Steve)  Oh, who are you?!
PAMELA:  (walking up with a smile)  Well, uh, I'm Mrs. Voorhees, an old
  friend of the Christies.

Alice drops her guard and runs to Mrs. Pamela Voorhees, crying.  She
hysterically tries to explain her fear.

ALICE:  Oh, thank...
PAMELA:  Oh, I can't help you if you don't calm down, now,...
ALICE:  But she's dead, and he's dead, and, oh my god, poor Bill!  Oh,
PAMELA:  Alright, alright, alright, come on, dear, then show me.
ALICE:  Oh no, no!
PAMELA:  Oh, but it's alright, I'll take care of you.  I used to work
  for the Christies.
ALICE:  Oh god, what's going on here?  Please help me get out of here!
PAMELA:  It's just this place... and the storm.  That's why you're
ALICE:  Oh no, they're all dead!  They're all dead!
PAMELA:  Alright, I'll go look.
ALICE:  Oh please don't leave me!  They'll kill you, too!
PAMELA:  Well, I'm not afraid.

Mrs. Voorhees walks into Cabin B as Alice follows, rather stunned and
confused.  Pamela sees Brenda's body.

PAMELA:  Oh, oh my lord.  So young, so pretty.  Oh, what monster could
  have done this?
ALICE:  Bill's out there...
PAMELA:  Oh god, this place!  (throws hands against wall)  Steve should
  never have opened this place again.  There's been too much trouble
  here.  Did you know a young boy drowned, the year before those two
  others were killed?  The counselors weren't paying any attention.
  They were making love while that poor boy drowned.  His name was
  Jason.  I was working the day that it happened, preparing meals here.
  I was the cook.  Jason stood and watched (grabs Alice) every minute!
  He was... he wasn't a very good swimmer (relaxes).  We can go now,
ALICE:  (slowly realizing the truth)  I think we should wait for
  Mr.  Christy!
PAMELA:  Oh, that's not necessary.
ALICE:  You don't understand!
VOICE:  Mama, mom!  Help, mommy!  Mom, help!  Mommy, help!
PAMELA:  I am Jason, I am.
ALICE:  Oh god (realizing Mrs. Voorhees is crazy)
PAMELA:  You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday.
ALICE:  Where's Mr. Christy?
PAMELA:  Oh, I couldn't let them open this place again, could I?  Not
  after what happened.  Oh, my sweet, innocent Jason.  My only child,
  Jason.  You let him drown; you never payed any attention! (throws
  down Alice)  What you did to him... (pulls out KNIFE from a belt
  sheath) Look what you did to him!
ALICE:  No, no!  (grabs POKER and hits Pamela twice)

Alice runs out the door, and Mrs. Voorhees follows.  Alice goes to the
jeep and opens the door, but Marcie's dead body is in the seat.  She
runs again, but Steve Christy's body falls down out of a tree right in
front of her, swinging back and forth by ropes.  Mrs. Voorhees begins
to speak like the Voice, indicating either possession or schizophrenia.

PAMELA and VOICE:  Kill her, mommy, kill her!  Don't let her get away,
  mommy!  Don't let her live!
PAMELA:  I won't, Jason.  I won't.

Alice runs into the Boathouse, finds a RIFLE and puts in down to look
for bullets.  Mrs.  Voorhees turns the generator back on, making the
lights return.  Alice tries to knock the lock off of the drawer that
she thinks hold the bullets.  Pamela appears at the door.

PAMELA:  Come, dear.  It will be as easy for you as it was for Jason.
PAMELA and VOICE:  Kill her, mommy!  Kill her!  Kill her!

Alice throws the RIFLE and various things at her.  Mrs. Voorhees slaps
Alice four times and throws her down.  They wrestle, and Alice punches
Mrs. Voorhees twice, running out of the Boathouse.  Mrs. Voorhees
recovers and stalks past the grounded dock that Alice is hiding behind.
Alice runs in the opposite direction once the coast is clear.

PAMELA and VOICE:  Kill her, mommy!  Kill her!  She can't hide.  No
  place to hide!  Get her, mommy!  Get her!  Kill her!  Kill her!

Alice runs into Cabin B and turns on the lights.  She starts to hide
behind a cabinet in the kitchen, but then she goes into the dark closet
instead.  She cringes down against the door.  She hears a window break.
The kitchen light turns on, and there's lots of rustling until a door
shuts.  Silence.  Alice crouches under the doorknob as it slowly
turns and is josted.  Mrs.  Voorhees uses the POKER to try to get in,
hacking at the door.  Alice reaches around frantically and gets a
FRYING PAN.  Voorhees breaks in, but Alice knocks her out with the
FRYING PAN, causing Pamela's head to bleed.  Alice eases by the uncon-
scious killer and runs to the docks.  She sits by a canoe with an OAR
in it, looking at her reflection in the lake.  Mrs.  Voorhees attacks
from behind with MACHETE, but thanks to notice of the reflection, Alice
blocks the attack with the OAR.  Mrs. Voorhees takes up the oar and hits
Alice, then choking her.  She bites Alice, but Alice crawls away.
Pamela catches up and beats Alice's head against the ground.  Alice
bites Pamela and runs to the discarded MACHETE.  She grabs it and runs
towards the stunned Mrs. Voorhees.  She cuts Pamela's head off, whose
hands grasp at the air even after the head has fallen.  Alice drops
the MACHETE and gets into a canoe, drifting off into the middle of the
lake to await morning.

Scene 22.  Morning on Crystal Lake.  Alice lays in the canoe peacefully,
running her fingers in the water.  A police car drives up with its
lights flashing.  Two officers get out and look across the lake at
Alice.  One calls to her but gets no answer.  Slightly awake but still
clearly in shock, she looks up, but the moldy, rotten child-like form
of Jason Voorhees grabs her and pulls her underneath the water with
him, toppling the canoe.

Scene 23.  Hospital Room.  Alice lies in bed.  An Operator, Doctor, and
Tierney (?-have to check again) tend to her.

ALICE:  (waking up) No! No!
DOCTOR:  Another (??) milligrams, Valerie.  It's alright now, it's over,
  everything's over.
OPERATOR:  Roll over, roll over.
PA VOICE:  Doctor Miller wanted in Surgery.  Doctor Miller wanted in
  Surgery (hats off to the writer, Victor Miller).
OPERATOR:  (finishing the shot) Okay.
DOCTOR:  Okay.
TIERNEY:  Your folks are on their way up.
ALICE:  Is there anyone else alive?  Are they all dead?
TIERNEY:  Yes, ma'am.  Two of my men pulled you out of the lake.  We
  thought you were dead, too.  Do you remember very much?
ALICE:  The boy (remembering) is he dead, too?
ALICE:  The boy... Jason.
TIERNEY:  Jason?
ALICE:  In the lake, the one... the one who attacked me... the one who
  pulled me underneath the water.
TIERNEY:  Ma'am, we didn't find any boy.
ALICE:  (staring at the camera, forlornly)  But, ... then he's still
  out there...

The lake sits peacefully, devoid of campers and visitors.