How to win at Pitfall! on the Atari 2600

From: Paul Graber <>


I can't believe I did it! I got a perfect 114,000 on pitfall. It can be done. I got all 32 treasures with 40 secs left on the clock! the game just stops when you get the last treasure. Maybe I am the first to do this. I doubt it. Anyway here is how I did it.

First start out by going right to the 7th screen where the first gold bar is. Then immediately go back to the left and run right into the snake on the next screen left. Yes this loses a life but you will appear on the left and save you about 5secs instead of waiting for the rope to come back. Since I had 40 secs left at the end I guess this did not mean much but I wanted every sec. I could get. Okay keep going left and make sure you can take the rope after the alligators immediately. Go all the way to your original starting point.

Take the ladder and go left. Upon exit go left until you come to the second left ladder, a ladder which will let you go left. Then upon exit go right until you come to the diamond. Go left till you come to the second left ladder after the diamond. Upon exit, go left and you will come to a bunch of treasures including 2 diamonds and 2 gold bars. After the last gold bar take the first left ladder you come to and go left obviously. Upon exit go left until you get 69,000 points. Then take the next left ladder you come to and go left. When you exit go right 3 screens to get a money bag and then it's back left for the rest of the game.

The last treasure you will get is the gold bar which is the second gold bar you come to if you start right in the begining of the game. All this sound confusing? Sorry but it is the best I can do to explain it. Now it is important to try and hit every vine and vanishing pond exactly with no wait that you can. This will save you about 4-5 secs each time. It took me a couple of days to finally do it but I did. E-Mail me if you still have questions.

Good Luck!!

Paul Graber

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