Atari/Sears Equivalents

I got sick of not being able to remember all of these equivalents, so I made this little chart.

Atari                           	Sears Equivalent
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe		CX2618	U 	3-D Tic-Tac-Toe		75123	ER
A Game of Concentration	CX2642	R 	Memory Match	99814		U
Adventure               CX2613	C 	Adventure		75154	U
Air-Sea Battle          CX2602 	U	Target Fun  	99802	75102	C   
Asteroids		CX2649	C 	Asteroids		75163	U
Backgammon		CX2617	U 	Backgammon	99848	75183	ER
Basic Math		CX2661	U	Math		99808		C
Basketball		CX2624	C  	Basketball	99826	75113	U
Berzerk			CX2650  C 	Berzerk			75168	R
Blackjack		CX2651	R 	Blackjack	99805	75602	R   
Bowling			CX2628  C 	Bowling		99842	75117	R
Brain Games		CX2664	U 	Brain Games	99818		R
Breakout		CX2622	C 	Breakaway IV	99813	75107	C
Canyon Bomber           CX2607 	U 	Canyon Bomber	99828	75115	R
Casino			CX2652	U  	Poker Plus	99816	75151	C
(Pel[e']'s) Chmp Soccer	CX2616	C     	Soccer			75155	U
Circus Atari		CX2630	C 	Circus			75122	C
Code Breaker		CX2643	U 	Code Breaker	99815		R
Combat			CX2601	C    	Tank Plus	99801	75124	U   
Defender                CX2609 	C 	Defender		75186	C
Demons to Diamonds	CX2615	U 	Demons to Diamonds	75140	ER
Dodge 'Em		CX2637	U	Dodger Cars		75158	ER
Flag Capture		CX2644	U	Capture		99824	75122	R 
Football		CX2625	C 	Football	99827	75114	C
Fun With Numbers	CX2661	U	Math		99808		C
Golf			CX2634	C 	Golf			75121	C
Hangman     		CX2662	U	Spelling	99811		R   
Haunted House		CX2654	C	Haunted House		75141	R
Homerun			CX2623	C	Baseball	99819	75125	C
Human Cannonball	CX2627	U 	Cannon Man	99841		ER
Hunt & Score		CX2642	U 	Memory Match	99814		U
Indy 500                CX2611  U	Auto Racing	99821	75149
Indy 500                CX2611  U	Race		99821	75149	C
Math Gran Prix		CX2658	C	Math Gran Prix		75128	R
Maze Craze		CX2635	U 	Maze Mania		75157	C
Miniature Golf		CX2626	U 	Arcade Golf	99829	75116	U
Missile Command		CX2638	C 	Missile Command		75166	R
Night Driver		CX2633	C	Night Driver		75119	U
Othello			CX2639	R 	Othello			75162	R
Outlaw                  CX2605 	U 	Gunslinger	99822	75109	U
Pac-Man			CX2646	C 	Pac-Man			75185	C
Pel[e']'s Soccer	CX2616	C 	Soccer			75155	U
Sky Diver		CX2629	U	Dare Diver	99843	75118	ER
Slot Machine		CX2653	R	Slots		99823	75111	R
Slot Racers             CX2606 	U 	Maze		99825	75112	C
Space Invaders		CX2632	C 	Space Invaders		75153	C
Space War               CX2604 	U 	Space Combat	99812	75106	U
Star Raiders		CX2660	U	Star Raiders		75187	U
Star Ship               CX2603	R 	Outer Space	99803	75601	U
Steeplechase*		CX2614	NR	Steeplechase		75126	R
Stellar Track*		CX2619	NR	Stellar Track		75159	R
Street Racer        	CX2612	U	Speedway II	99804	75103	U
Submarine Commander	CX2647	EP	Submarine Commander	75142	ER
Super Breakout          CX2608	U 	Super Breakout		75165	C
Superman		CX2631	C 	Superman	99845	75152	ER
Surround		CX2641	C	Chase		99807	75105	C
Video Checkers		CX2636	R 	Checkers		75156	ER
Video Chess		CX2645	U 	Video Chess	99817	75181	R
Video Olympics		CX2621	C	Pong Sports	99806	75104	C
Video Pinball		CX2648	U 	Arcade Pinball		75161	R
Warlords          	CX2610	U	Warlords		75127	U
Yars' Revenge		CX2655	C	Yars' Revenge		75167	U

C  - Common
U  - Uncommon
R  - Rare
ER - Extremely Rare
UR - Unbelieveably Rare
EP - Prototype (Never released, may or may not exist)

Some carts may have more than one equivalent, so make sure you save the big list and do appropriate searches on it!!

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