Stage Description Example Image

Stage 1- Image or Word Stimulus Learning Trial

In this trial, the custom stimulus (either images, when present, or custom words) will be presented and paired with the response to either the 'e' or 'i' key.

Stage 2 - Word Stimulus Learning Trial

Most IATs that assess preference or stereotypes use positive or negative words as the associative stimuli. In this second trial, these words are presented.

Stage 3 -Paired Test Trial #1

Stage 3 pairs the associates learning in Stages 1 and 2 and randomly presents a stimulus sampled from either of those sets of stimuli.

Stage 4 - Reverse Image or Word Stimulus Learning Trial

Stage 4 is identical to Stage 1, except that the associations are learned with the opposite hand.

Stage 5 - Paired Test Trial #2

Stage 5 combines the associates learned in Stages 2 and 4.



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