FreeIAT version 1.3.3

The FreeIAT was created to provide a free, open-source alternative to commercial software used to administered the Implicit Association Test. The FreeIAT is intended for Psychologists and others with professional training.

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  • Highly customizable
  • Prompt-driven set-up makes it easy to get your IAT up and running quickly
  • Administer either text or images
  • Scoring using Greenwald, Nosek, and Banaji (2003) D algorithm provided in output
  • Two output files: One with full raw data and one with only scores
  • Open Visual Basic source code for those inclined to tinker

Screenshots of the FreeIAT: (click to enlarge)

The IAT in Action
Setting Up the IAT
The Output


Citing the FreeIAT:  Meade, A. W. (2009). FreeIAT: An open-source program to administer the implicit association test. Applied Psychological Measurement, 33, 643.