Andy Meneely

Educational Experience

Courses Taught

Course Semester Role
CSC 116: Introduction to Java Programming
CSC 326: Software Engineering
CSC 712: Software Reliability and Testing
CSC 326: Software Engineering
CSC 326: Software Engineering

Relevant Courses Taken

Graduate @ NCSU

Course Semester
CSC 795M: Machine Learning
CSC 530: Computational Methods in Molecular Biology
CSC 565: Graph Theory
ST 512: Statistics II for the Biological Sciences
CSC 546: Management Decision and Control Systems
CSC 505: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 712: Software Reliability and Testing
CSC 520: Artificial Intelligence
CSC 540: Databases

Undergraduate @ Calvin College

Not a complete list

BA in Computer Science

Independent Study: Raytracers
Independent Study: Compilers
Senior Project: Using Genetic Algorithms in the Classroom
Computer Architecture
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Programming Languages
Automata and Formal Languages
Operating Systems

BA in Mathematics

Real Analysis
Abstract Algebra
Language, Proof, and Logic
Probability and Statistics
Linear Algebra
Calculus II
Statistics for Engineers