Undergraduate Biomathematics (UBM) at NC State

A new undergraduate biomathematics (UBM) initiative at NC State. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the UBM program offers you the chance to carry out cutting-edge research at the interface of mathematics and biology. Eight students a year, four from the mathematical sciences and four from the biological sciences, will receive summer support ($4000 stipend) as part of a year-long research experience.

Research projects will be carried out teams of four students, under the supervision of two faculty members. Both student and faculty participants will be drawn equally from biological and the mathematical sciences. Additional project support will be provided by graduate student assistants.

MA 493 (Fall semester) and its sister course MA 493/BIO 495 (Spring semester) are designed to prepare biology students for the research component of the UBM program.

Student participants in UBM research will be recruited in the Spring semester. We anticipate that many participants will be drawn from the UBM courses, although we will consider any other suitably qualified candidates who apply.

Student projects will take place over the Summer, with work continuing into the Fall semester. Some projects might begin in Spring semester. It may be possible to receive course credit for research carried out in the Fall.

For further information, contact Hien Tran, Department of Mathematics.