"If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error."

- John Kenneth Galbraith

News and Information

15 Jan 2010

I have added a brief page on my teaching experience. In addition, my resume has been updated for the Spring 2010 semester. I am currently looking for a Summer 2010 internship or research assistantship.

I should also mention that Andy Meneely, Ben Smith, and I founded the NCSU Software Engineering Journal club last fall. It is an opportunity for graduate students to discuss important software engineering research with one another. If you are interested in more information please see the website that I put together for it: NCSU Software Engineering Journal Club

20 July 2009

This past spring I was the Teaching Assistant for a course entitled CSC 591e / CSC 791e Privacy Technology, Policy, and Law. My PhD advisor, Dr. Annie Antón, taught the course. This summer I am researching legal compliance and auditing in software systems with Dr. Eugene Spafford at CERIAS. It has been a while since my last website update, and I have updated every page to ensure it reflects the latest information.

9 Oct 2008

My schedule and resume have been updated, albeit belatedly, for the Fall 2008 semester. I have added a new page about my academic publications. Also, over at ThePrivacyPlace.org we have ramped up our blogging efforts. I would encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed to follow along.

7 May 2008

I am honored and pleased to be named as the 2008-2009 Walter H. Wilkinson Graduate Research Ethics Fellowship recipient. The Graduate School at NCSU has posted an announcement here. The NCSU CSC News site has also posted a news item about my responsibilities as a recipient of the fellowship. I will begin conducting this research starting in the Fall of 2008.

31 Mar 2008

The NCSU CSC News site has recently posted a news item about me and a fellow PrivacyPlace.org researcher on our acceptance as Google Policy Fellows for this coming summer. Paul Otto will be working for the Center for Democracy and Technology. Congratulations Paul! I will be spending this summer working for the Cato Institute.

10 Jan 2008

My schedule and resume have been updated for the Spring 2008 semester. Don't forget to check out ThePrivacyPlace.org to see what our research group has been up to recently.

23 Aug 2007

My schedule and resume have been updated for the Fall 2007 semester. I have also updated my contact information to reflect my decision to use my NCSU email address as my default address for classes and research.

23 Jan 2007

My schedule and resume have been updated for the Spring 2007 semester. I am currently looking for a summer internship in software engineering, security and privacy. Please check out my resume and contact me if you have any questions.

31 Aug 2006

Welcome to my graduate school website! This site will serve as a way to track my professional interests in academic research as well as industry. I will update it at least once a semester.

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