Guidelines for Graduate Students

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science at NC State University and wish to work with Dr. Antón, you should read the following before sending her any email.

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I am currently supervising a large number of graduate students and cannot invite all the students who may want to work with me to join our research group. Each time I take on a new student, I have less time for: my current thesis students, my family and myself.

Any student interested in joining my research group must meet the following criteria:

  • be fluent in English with outstanding written and oral communication skills;
  • have an outstanding academic background;
  • have taken both the graduate level software engineering & requirements engineering courses; and
  • be willing to spend the time required to:
    • write and document high quality code that works;
    • quickly get up to speed with relevant literature and remain current; and
    • write at least one high quality publishable paper or technical report each semester.

If you believe you meet the above criteria, please apply for admission to the department's graduate program and mention on your application that you want to work with me. I will not review any correspondence until after your application file is marked complete by the graduate admissions office, at which time I will be given your file to review. Please do not send me any email because my system filters out any email from unknown persons. Additionally, I only accept PDF attachments because .doc files are vulnerable to virus/macros and can wreak unexpected havoc.


Please see my Frequently Asked Questions webpage, for answers to all the questions that you may feel a need to ask me prior to sending me any email.

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