Dr. Antón's research focuses on methods and tools to support the specification of complete, correct behavior of software systems used in environments that pose risks of loss as a consequence of failures and misuse. This includes Web-based and healthcare systems in which the security of personal and private information is particularly vulnerable. Current extensions to this work, include the analysis of security and privacy policies, regulations and compliance practices.

Title: TC: Regulatory Compliance Software Engineering for Trustworthy Systems
Source: National Science Foundation –– Trustworthy Computing
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Julia B. Earp
Senior Personnel:
Peter Swire (Ohio State University)
Submission Date: December 17, 2011
Amount Requested: $499,932
Duration: August 2011 - August 2014
Status: Pending

Title: SoD: Collaborative Research: Transparency and Legal Compliance in Software Systems
Source: NSF Science of Design Program
Award Number: 0725144
Duration: August 1 2007 - August 1, 2011
Amount: $ 500,000 (NCSU: $ 270,407)
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Eugene H. Spafford (Purdue)
Senior Research Personnel: David Baumer
Consultant: Ignacio Valdes, M.D., M.S.
Abstract: Healthcare information systems are becoming ubiquitous and thus increasingly subject to attack, misuse and abuse. Mechanisms are needed to help analysts disambiguate regulations so that they may be clearly specified as software requirements. In addition, regulations are increasingly requiring organizations to comply with the law and account for their actions. Individuals responsible for ensuring compliance and accountability currently lack sufficient guidance and support to manage their legal obligations within relevant information systems. Software controls are needed to provide assurances that business processes adhere to specific requirements, especially those derived from government regulations. This project takes a holistic view of the design of transparent and legally compliant software systems. Key research questions that we will address include: (a) How should system requirements be specified so they may be realized in design and implementation to ensure legal and regulatory compliance? and (b) Given that software designs need to satisfy multiple stakeholders' (organizations, law/policy makers, government agencies, public citizens, etc.) contradictory, inconsistent and difficult to understand objectives, how can the design process of these systems be improved to lead to convergence and satisfaction of these requirements in a transparent and auditable fashion?

Title: Collaborative Research: A Comprehensive Policy-Driven Framework for Online Privacy Protection: Integrating IT, Human, Legal and Economic Perspectives
Source: NSF Cyber Trust Program
Award Number: 0430166
Duration: September 15, 2004 - August 31, 2009
Amount: $ 1,194,000 (NCSU: $ 534,000)
NCSU Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Ting Yu (NCSU)
Purdue Principal Investigators: Elisa Bertino, Ninghui Li, Melissa J. Dark, Victor Raskin and Robert W. Proctor
Senior Research Personnel: David Baumer, Michael Rappa
Graduate Research Assistant:
This project seeks to provide a comprehensive framework for protecting online privacy, covering the entire privacy policy life cycle. This cycle includes enterprise policy creation, enforcement, analysis and auditing, as well as end user agent presentation and privacy policy processing. The project integrates privacy-relevant human, legal and economic perspectives in the proposed framework. This project will develop an expressive, semantics-based formal language for specifying privacy policies, an access control and auditing language for enforcing privacy policies in applications, as well as theory and tools for verifying privacy policies. Additionally, experiments and surveys will be conducted to better understand the axes of users' privacy concerns and protection objectives. Results from this empirical work will be used to develop an effective paradigm for specifying privacy preferences and methods to present privacy policies to end users in an accurate and accessible way.

Title: ITR: Encoding Rights, Permissions and Obligations: Privacy Policy Specification and Compliance
Source: NSF Information Technology Research Program
Award Number: 0325269
Duration: August 2003 - July 2009
Amount: $ 920,000
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Colin Potts (Georgia Tech)
Graduate Research Assistant: Qingfeng He, Will Stufflebeam, Carlos Jensen (GT)
Undergraduate Research Assistant: Neha Jain (NCSU)
Senior Research Personnel: Lynda Aiman-Smith, David Baumer, Julie Earp
This research seeks to increase the trustworthiness from an online purchase to a database check can be proposed framework and tools. This work will help obligations set by organizations, individuals, or a how information is used. This research will also examine at large via the development of IT for system designers vulnerabilities that compromise individuals’ personal governed by specific policies. Moreover, the results makers in determining the ramifications of policy conflicts and inconsistencies may be prevented.

Title: Transnational Digital Government
Source: NSF Digital Government Program
Duration: August 2003 - July 2005
Amount: $ 81,401
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and José Fortes (U. of Florida)
Graduate Research Assistant: Qingfeng (Frank) He
This project involves the following research activities: (a) Requirements elicitation using goal- and scenario-based analysis of user requirements to specify usage scenarios that will provide a basis for the software solutions the team will provide to the participating stakeholders in the Dominican Republic and Belize; (b) Codification and specification of relevant information sharing and privacy practices, regulations and policies to ensure that the security, laws, autonomy and culture of participating countries are not compromised; and (c) Development of privacy enforcement tools that will serve as an interface between the data and the applications which process it, preventing applications from accessing data, or combining data that would lead to violations of stated policy and subsequently compromise an organization’s (e.g. a government agency) trustworthiness. This research focuses on privacy, employing governments' efforts to address the negative impacts on society of illicit drug production, traffic and consumption, and transnational border control as the primary domains for investigation. Thus, the proposal seeks to address an application of IT that raises a multitude of ethical and societal concerns.

Title: Mapping CMMI to ISO Standard 12207-15504
Source: ABB
Duration: August 2003 - May 2004
Amount: $ 25,000
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Laurie Williams
Graduate Research Assistant: Chris Rigano

Title: CAREER: Towards Estimating Requirements Coverage:
Managing Goals and Scenarios During Requirements Evolution
Source: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Duration: June 2000 - June 2004
Amount: $ 220,000
Principal Investigator: Annie I. Antón
Graduate Research Assistant #1: Lingyun Yang (Fall 2000)
Graduate Research Assistant #2: Hema Srikanth(Spring 2001)
Graduate Research Assistant #3: Thomas A. Alspaugh (Fall 2001, Spring 2002)
Graduate Research Assistant #4: William Stufflebeam (Spring 2003-June 2004)
This proposal focuses on efforts to integrate core research and educational objectives. The research addresses important issues in the discovery, elaboration and management of system use scenarios for the specification of software requirements. The ultimate goal is to develop viable solutions for supporting the early stages of the software lifecycle by ensuring requirements coverage.

Title: ITR: Aligning Societal Values, Privacy Policy, and IT Requirements
Source: NSF Information Technology Research Program (Software)
Duration: August 2001 - July 2003
Amount: $ 334,000
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Colin Potts (Georgia Tech)
Graduate Research Assistant: William Stufflebeam
Research Personnel: Julie Earp
This research focuses on how society uses, values, and protects citizens’ personal information. From the perspective of system design, software engineers need methods and tools to enable them to design systems that reflect those values and protect personal information, accordingly. This research examines how privacy considerations and value systems influence the design, deployment and consequences of IT. The goal is to develop concepts, tools and techniques that help IT professionals and policy makers bring policies and system requirements into better alignment. An action-oriented set of conceptual tools, including guidelines and privacy- relevant policy templates will be constructed and validated.

Title: Implementing Agile-EPRAM
Source: NC State E-Commerce Research Grant
Duration: August 2001 - May 2002
Amount: $ 30,000
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón and Julie Earp
Graduate Research Assistant: Hema Srikanth

Title: Analyzing Emerging Software Development Methodologies and Practices
Source: NC State University CACC
Duration: August 2001 - June 2002
Amount: $ 47,000
Principal Investigators: Laurie Williams and Annie I. Antón

Title: E-Commerce Studio Seed Grant
Source: Newton Instruments, Butner, NC
Duration: December 2000
Amount: $ 25,000
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón, Julie Earp and Michael Rappa

Title: Creating and Validating CMM-Compliant Software Process Models
Source: Asea Brown Boveri, Raleigh, NC
Duration: September 2000 - June 2001
Amount: $ 34,478
Principal Investigators: Annie I. Antón
Graduate Research Assistant: Ryan A. Carter

Title: Towards Object-Oriented Rapid Prototyping and Automated Code Generation
Source: BellSouth Telecommunications, Atlanta, GA
Duration: May 2000 - May 2001
Amount: $ 75,000
Principal Investigator: Annie I. Antón
Graduate Research Assistant #1: Thomas A. Alspaugh
Graduate Research Assistant #2: Priya Ramamurthi

Title: Service Requirements for Process Improvement (Phase I + II)
Source: BellSouth Telecommunications, Atlanta, GA
Duration: August 1999 - June 2000
Amount: $ 30,000
Principal Investigator: Annie I. Antón
Graduate Research Assistant: Devon F. Siege

Title: Identification and Prioritization of Business Rules
Source: GTE Data Services, Tampa, FL
Duration: October 1997 - February 1998
Amount: $ 7,000
Principal Investigator: Annie I. Antón

Title: USF Economic Development Matching Grant:
Identification and Prioritization of Business Rules
Source: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Duration: January 1998 - June 1998
Amount: $ 7,000
Principal Investigator: Annie I. Antón
Graduate Research Assistant: Cheryl Peterson

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