Rules of Conduct for Dr. Antón's Thesis Students

The reputation of everyone working in our group depends on the behavior of everyone working in the group. It's important for each of us to realize that we are professionals working in a professional environment.

The quality of professionalism in our lab/group reflects the character of the people who comprise it. Self-esteem and shared respect for one another are essential. The respect of those around us (our colleagues, professors, fellow students, and broad research community) is the ultimate measure of responsible professional conduct. Keep in mind that by virtue of the fact that each of you work as a member of our group, your actions not only affect your reputation -- they also affect my reputation. Thus, I want to make clear that I expect politeness, courtesy and scholarship.

Realize that this is a work environment and that as colleagues we must always resolve any issues or disagreement that may arise in a courteous and rational manner. Please remember that I expect each member of our group to treat everyone with whom you work and/or communicate with civility. Moreover, I expect each of us to:

  • Treat others as you want them to treat you.
  • Be considerate, courteous and polite to others.
  • Listen to what other people have to say.
  • Be sure not to judge others before you get to know them.
  • Work to solve problems without disparaging remarks, profanity or anger.
  • Never intentionally ridicule, embarrass or hurt other people, and be mature enough to apologize if you do it unintentionally.

Keep in mind that our ability to embrace civility and rationally cope with differences is what distinguishes professionals from amateurs. Always strive for professionalism!

Deadlines, classes and student life can be very stressful. You have to know yourself and your limits. Don't let stress get in the way. There are other outlets / alternatives. If you're having problem with stress, come see me or get help from the NCSU counseling center.

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