Annie I. Antón
Professor of Computer Science
North Carolina State University
College of Engineering
Computer Science Department
(Room 3280 EB II)
890 Oval Drive
Campus Box 8206
Raleigh, NC 27695-8206 U.S.A.

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As of July 2012, Annie Antón will be a professor in and chair of the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.

Annie Antón is a Professor in the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering at NC State University (NCSU), where she is Director of the CSC Policy and Compliance Initiative and a member of the NCSU Cyber Defense Lab. In 2010 she chaired the NC State University Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee. In 2008, she chaired the NC State Public Policy Task Force.

Antón's research focuses on methods and tools to support the specification of complete, correct behavior of software systems used in environments that pose risks of loss as a consequence of failures and misuse. This includes Web-based and healthcare systems in which the security of personal and private information is particularly vulnerable. Current extensions to this work, include the analysis of security and privacy policies, regulations and compliance practices.

Antón is the founder and director of, a research group of students and faculty at NCSU, and Purdue University. She is leading this group in the development of technology to assist practitioners and policy makers in meeting the challenge of eliciting and expressing policies and regulations (a form of requirements). These tools help ensure that software systems are aligned with the privacy polices and regulations that govern these systems.

Her professional activities include a notable combination of multi-disciplinary research and education. She is co-founder of the Symposium on Requirements Engineering for Information Security (SREIS) and the Annual Requirements Engineering and the Law Workshop (RELAW). In 2002 she coordinated NC State's successful application for a National Security Agency Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education, involving the participation of faculty in three Colleges. She is a former associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering,
former cognitive issues subject area editor for the Requirements Engineering Journal, and currently a member of the International Board of Referees for Computers & Security.


Antón currently serves on various boards, including:

DHS Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee,
an Intel Advisory Board,
CRA Board of Directors,
Future of Privacy Forum Advisory Board, and is
Vice Chair of the US ACM Public Policy Council.

She is a former member of the NSF CISE Advisory Council, IDA/DARPA Defense Science Study Group, IDA/DARPA Information Science and Technology (ISAT) study group, Distinguished External Advisory Board for the TRUST Research Center, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Advisory Board, Microsoft Research's University Relations Faculty Advisory Board, Georgia Tech Alumni Association Board of Trustees. the Georgia Tech Advisory Board (GTAB) and the CRA-W Board.

In 2011,
Antón was named to the 2011 Edition of the eHow Shift 100. In 2009, she was named an ACM Distinguished Scientist and a Non-Resident Fellow of the Center for Demcracy and Technology in Washington, DC. She was named an NSF CAREER Award winner in 2000, a CRA Digital Government Fellow in 2002, and the "Woman of Influence in the Public Sector" in 2005 by CSO Magazine & the Executive Womens Forum. She was honored with an award for "Most Influential Paper of ICRE 1996'' at RE`2006 for her 1996 paper entitled ``Goal-Based Requirements Analysis''. In 2007 she was awarded the ``Distinguished Alumni Award'' by St. Pius X Catholic Highschool in Atlanta, GA. She was awarded an IBM Faculty Award in 2008, named an NCSU Senior Research Ethics Fellow for the period of 2006-08. She was elected a member of IFIP Working Group 2.9 (Software Requirements Engineering) in 2001. In addition, she is a senior member of the IEEE as well as a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Antón is a three-time graduate of the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, receiving a Ph.D. in 1997 with a minor in Management & Public Policy, an M.S. in 1992, and a B.S. in 1990 with a minor in Technical and Business Communication. She is a 1984 graduate of Saint Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

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