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Research Triangle
Organic Chemistry
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The Research Triangle Region

The region is rich in scientific activity, with North Carolina State University (Raleigh), Duke University (Durham), and The University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) providing a strong academic influence. In addition, the Research Triangle Park, containing companies such as BASF, GlaxoSmithKline, and IBM, provides a strong industrial component and commitment to scientific research in our area.
The capital city Raleigh, which is constantly rated as one of the most attractive places to live in the US,
is conveniently located about 250 miles east of the Appalachian mountains and about 150 miles west of the North Carolina beaches, including the Outer Banks. With Washington, D.C. or Atlanta, Georgia within five hours driving distance, the opportunities for weekend recreational trips are excellent.
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Prof. Daniel L. Comins
total synthesis, methodology
Prof. Alexander Deiters
bioorganic, total synthesis, combinatorial
Prof. T. Brent Gunnoe
organometallic, catalysis
Prof. Christopher B. Gorman
polymers, materials
Prof. Jonathan S. Lindsey
bioorganic, methodology, physical
Prof. Bruce M. Novak
polymers, materials
Prof. Christian Melander
bioorganic, methodology, total synthesis
Prof. David A. Shultz
physical organic, materials