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Organic Chemistry Graduate Program

The graduate program in Organic Chemistry at North Carolina State University combines outstanding science with a surrounding region renowned for career opportunities in the chemical sciences. At NCSU, we offer a blend of cutting edge research, student mentorship, lectures by distinguished visiting scientists, and courses addressing all aspects of organic chemistry. We have the largest Organic Chemistry program in the Triangle region and aim to give Ph.D. students a background that combines fundamental organic chemistry with modern research instrumentation in preparation for a successful, independent career in either industry or academia. We aim to continue to improve support for our best students. Our department offers several intradepartmental awards and fellowships sponsored by companies such as GlaxoSmithKline to support and facilitate the research efforts of our most outstanding graduate students. Several of our graduate students have won national awards, such as the NSF predoctoral fellowship.
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Prof. Daniel L. Comins
total synthesis, methodology
Prof. Alexander Deiters
bioorganic, total synthesis, combinatorial
Prof. T. Brent Gunnoe
organometallic, catalysis
Prof. Christopher B. Gorman
polymers, materials
Prof. Jonathan S. Lindsey
bioorganic, methodology, physical
Prof. Bruce M. Novak
polymers, materials
Prof. Christian Melander
bioorganic, methodology, total synthesis
Prof. David A. Shultz
physical organic, materials