Dan Comins
Alex Deiters
Chris Gorman
Brent Gunnoe
Jon Lindsey
Christian Melander
Bruce Novak
Dave Shultz
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Organic Chemistry
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Organic Chemistry Seminars 2008

Friday, September 5
David Lawrence, UNC
"Chemical Biology: New Reagents for the Visualization, Manipulation, and Inhibition of Cellular Behavior"

Monday, October 13
Jerry Yang, UCSD
"Designing Function in Organic Molecules for Biomedical Applications"

Friday, October 17
Alex Deiters, NCSU

Monday, October 20
Kiyoshi Tomioka, Kyoto University
"Hydroamination  of Carbon-Carbon Double Bond with Lithium Amide"

Friday, October 31
Timothy M. Dore, University of Georgia

Friday, November 7
Daniel Romo, Texas A&M University
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Prof. Daniel L. Comins
total synthesis, methodology
Prof. Alexander Deiters
bioorganic, total synthesis, combinatorial
Prof. T. Brent Gunnoe
organometallic, catalysis
Prof. Christopher B. Gorman
polymers, materials
Prof. Jonathan S. Lindsey
bioorganic, methodology, physical
Prof. Bruce M. Novak
polymers, materials
Prof. Christian Melander
bioorganic, methodology, total synthesis
Prof. David A. Shultz
physical organic, materials