Research in Organic Chemistry

At NCSU graduate students have a large number of active research groups to choose from for their dissertation studies. All organic research areas, including synthetic, mechanistic, medicinal, bioorganic, organometallic, combinatorial, materials, and catalytic chemistry are represented, usually by multiple research groups. In addition, most of our research is multidisciplinary and collaborative in nature, exposing doctoral students to techniques and scientific ideas outside of their day-to-day research experiences. The instrumental support for research at NCSU is outstanding, with numerous NMR, mass spectrometry, x-ray, and computational facilities for student use. Everyone is strongly encouraged to acquire hands-on experience with these state-of-the-art instruments that are crucial for a successful research career.
Dan Comins
Alex Deiters
Chris Gorman
Brent Gunnoe
Jon Lindsey
Christian Melander
Bruce Novak
Dave Shultz
Organic Chemistry
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Prof. Daniel L. Comins
total synthesis, methodology
Prof. Alexander Deiters
bioorganic, total synthesis, combinatorial
Prof. T. Brent Gunnoe
organometallic, catalysis
Prof. Christopher B. Gorman
polymers, materials
Prof. Jonathan S. Lindsey
bioorganic, methodology, physical
Prof. Bruce M. Novak
polymers, materials
Prof. Christian Melander
bioorganic, methodology, total synthesis
Prof. David A. Shultz
physical organic, materials