Recent Research Highlights: February 2013

Upstream Development as a paradigm for African Easterly Waves

The image above is from Diaz and Aiyyer (2013b; Submitted to J. Atmos. Sci.)

The origin of African Easterly Waves (AEWs) remains an interesting problem in tropical dynamics. AEWs are the primary synoptic scale weather systems over North African and are also the precursors to nearly 60% of Atlantic tropical cyclones, many of which become major hurricanes. Some eastern pacific storms also originate from AEWs that make it across the Atlantic Basin. Building on the previous paper by Diaz and Aiyyer (2013), we propose that AEWs may form via upstream development. This is essentially an application of the downstrean development paradigm for mid-latitude baroclinic waves, except in this case the energy dispersion is upstream. The results of this work have been submitted in the paper: Diaz and Aiyyer (2013b).