Completely Personal Notes

This page contains notes that I wanted to make available to myself online.
It is not endorsed by NC State University nor by any funding agencies that funded my research.
This page is absolutely, completely personal.
If you happen to look at this page and do not like the content, please just ignore the existence of this page.
(1) Last week, many prominent academics at Turkey were dismissed from their position by an overnight decision of the government.
There is no investigation, no evidence.
The government nevertheless decided that all these academics, ranging from neuropsychologist to political scientists were helping the coup attempt on last July.
Here is Murat Sevinc, delivering his lecture from skype, because he is not officially allowed to teach anymore!
Students write "the truth can not be dismissed" before the lecture.
(2) Just some numbers , this reflects just a tiny piece of the refugee crisis over the Mediterranean.
There are also uncounted number of people dying in the deserts before they can reach the sea.
(3) After sharing how effective Turkey is in terms of fighting terrorism. I should be fair to France as well.
Here is how effective is French police on fighting terrorism.
(4) There are very interesting news in USA nowadays. I learned the existence of this award by chance and found it particularly nice.
I salute all who contributed to the existence of this award.
(5) These are two links about Syrian conflict. This one is bbc page titled Syria Profile - Timeline of the events. This one is wikipedia page on the casualties.
It has been more than five years. At least five million people lost their homes in a 23 million state. Between three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand PEOPLE died.
The world leaders who said ''Assad must go'' five years ago are now busy by skiing or enjoying their gigantic palace.
The people of Aleppo who heard those statements five years ago, now called people of the ghost city.