Welcome to Linear Algebra, Spring 2017!

This page will contain handouts and documents related to our class MA405-002.
(1) Here is our syllabus.
(2) This is a video dating back to 70's. On one side I think it is boring, on the other side I thing it is awesome for 1976. I am sure as the online generation, you can find better videos. Shoot me an email with a link if you have a cool linear algebra video.
(3) OK. I am not that old, here is a more recent one.
(4) 01/17/17, here is your first homework . As I said at the first lecture, we will not collect nor grade your homework. I suggest you finish this one in one week from today for your own practice.
(5) You can access the course webwork page here . I assigned one homework for the addition of vectors.
(6) Thanks to Yuhan a typo in the HW1 is fixed and the file is updated.
(7) 01/25/17. Here is your second homework . Solutions to first homework will uploaded today evening.
(8) Solutions to Homework 1 is posted here .
(9) 01/28/17 Solutions to second HW is here .
(10) 01/28/17 Third homework and ideas for it's solution ..
(11) 02/16/17 Homework 4 is up. The solutions will be available tomorrow before 3:00 pm.
(12) The list of suggested projects is here . We will talk about this in class today, do not bombard me with emails yet, please.
(13) While I was leaving the class today, Will asked about a proof of the fact that row reduced echelon form of a matrix is unique. I usually prefer a combinatorial proof over induction but I think this one is nice enough to be satisfactory :)
(14) I don't think I will have time to prove the theorem we stated at the end of the Wednesday lecture.
I kindly ask you to read it from the book linear algebra done wrong at pg 47.
(15) Here is the solutions for HW4.
(16) 02/20/17 HW 5 is posted. I will try to upload solutions this Friday.
(17) 02/24/15 (Partial) Solutions to HW5 is here .
(18) 02/27/15 We have learned many concepts and theorems in last two weeks. To have a good intuition about these facts and objects, you have to have some experience with them.
For this purpose, I have assigned several homework on the webwork system which are all numerical computations. Please finish them before the end of spring break.
(19) 02/27/17 I decided that the way I phrased the second question of the quiz was not the best way to phrase it. So, everybody is going to get full credit from the second question.
The solutions of the quiz can be found here .
(20) Change of basis notes are here .
(21) 03/18/17 New homeworks up at webwork. Have fun!
(22) 03/20/17 Solutions of Quiz 3 is here .
(23) 03/29/17 Solutions of Quiz 4 is here .
(24) 03/31/17 Schedule of project presentations and their lengths is available here .
The strict DEADLINE for the first draft of your project report is April 18th, 10:00 am.
Please type your report in a reasonable file format and submit it via email.
Your email for project report submission should also include your plan for presentation. We will talk more about this in the class.
(25) 04/03/2017 HW 6 is available here . I will try to upload it's solutions this Thursday.
(26) 04/05/17 I found a typo in HW6 and fixed it. Please download the new version.
(27) 04/05/17 Solutions of HW6 is available here .
(28) 04/21/17 The deadline for submission of the final draft of project reports is May 9th 2017 at 9:00 AM.
This deadline is sharp, do not miss it.
I have send an email to all class containing other details about the submission, please read it carefully.
(29) 04/25/17 Last homework of the semester is here . I will upload the solutions Friday afternoon.
(30) 04/25/16 By definition final will be a comprehensive exam.
As a concrete suggestion for your studies, make sure you learn the problems in the quizzes, in the two midterms and the problems in the homeworks.
(31) 04/25/16 The two midterms we had so far are available here and here .
(32) 04/26/17 The solutions for Quiz 5 is available here .
(33) 04/27/17 We covered the solutions of midterm 2 in class. They are also available here .
(34) 04/27/17 Solutions to HW7 is available here .
(35) 05/01/17 Solutions of Final problems are available here .