Yourtopias 2013

Georgia Hezain

1. Shared values/ideas judicial system

3. No humans

Casey Molina

1. no harming others     

2. Practice kindness to others     

3. All faiths & religions allowed and respected

Katie Almsay

1. create nothing designed to harm  

2. Politicians must achieve clear goals to stay in office

3. all transportation public

David Ovies

1. unlimited resources

2. no laws, government, military, or police

3. self-sufficient citizens

Nicholas D’Andrea

1. work that is meaningful

2. religion to ground a common moral code

3. learning opportunities abound

Ryan Hefner

1. trust

2. everything visually beautiful

3. sustainability of community

Durant Mangum

1. Free thinking

2. involuntary, random rule

3. forced periodic isolation

Clayton Connors

1. free choice for all creatures

2. no scarcity/unlimited resources

3. technologies that can accomplish anything

Ryan Kilgore

1. respect for all

2. pervasive curiosity

3. constant social interaction

Luke Justice

1. respect all property rights

2. equal rights for both sexes

3. legal system

Steven Denny

1. no knowledge of history

2. highly educated citizens

3. no career politicians

Das Kushboo

1. all work on farms, raise, consume vegetables

2. barter instead of money

3. no war allowed

Victoria Waddell

1.  everyone looking out for others, not themselves

2. no prejudice based on appearance

3. limits on technology and media

Taryn Vanderpoel

1. equality among all

2. shared responsibility

3. democracy

Sneha Bhalodia

1. sustainable living

2. no crime

3. no unemployment

Kyle Justice

1. all have essentials needed to live (food, water, shelter?)

2. good education for all

3. free expression for all

Brody Eastwood

1. friendship and generosity

2. completely inaccessible location

3. no government

Eric Davidson

1. continuous physical mental development

2. focused, specific careers

3. control family size


Ashley Teal

1.  tolerance, open-minded thought

2. plasticity of identity

3. all good intentioned and responsible