English 207Q Studies in Poetry: Oral Presentation Instructions

You will choose any one poem you find interesting and worthy of the class's attention.  You may choose a poem from the Seagull Reader only if it is one not on the syllabus already. You have several options to make a paper copy available to the class:

1) bring a paper copy to class and we can project it on the document camera
2) send me a file copy of your poem at least one day before you present, and I will put it up as html
3) send me a url at least a day before you present if there is a full copy of your poem available anywhere online

You will read your poem aloud to the class. If you wish to talk about why you chose the poem, what you like about it, or any other information abou the author of the poem, you may and are ecouraged to do so. This presentation constitues a substantial portion of your participation grade. Just as I expect you to of course be here to read, I expect you to attend when your peers read. Failure to show on either end, as reader or audience, will cost you.

Order and dates and who reads when:

Wed. Nov. 8
Ted Barnett
Kristen Barr
Joshua Berrian
Alyson Boswell

Fri. Nov. 10
Harrison Caldwell
Elllen Frazier
Miranda Hammond

Mon. Nov. 13
Lauren Johnson
Kim Josey
Craig Knox
Joseph Mann
Shayna Martin

Wed. Nov. 15
Chris Pova
Kayla Richter
Chelsea Robertson
Alegrea Robinson

Fri. Nov. 17
Heather Stevens
Crystal Tabor
Katie Tigani
Jewel Williams