Your questions about Weil and Tuan

Claire†††††††††††† To what extent do domestic animals have agency?

Leith ††††††††††††† What is the relationship between pets and Oedipal figures such as parents?

Anisha†††††††††† Are pets capable of shame?

Leif ††††††††††††††† Is it right to possess animals?

Mollie††††††††††††††††††††††† What do animals gain from domestication?

Katie†††††††††††††† Why does Weil not that pity makes suffering contagious?

Elissa††††††††††††† Is it still wrong to have pets that are rescued animals?

Riley†††††††††††††† Why do we separate the suffering of domestic pets from farm and food animals?

Sam††††††††††††††† What was Tuanís aim in writing?

Trevor ††††††††† What links pets to gestures of affection and masculinity?

Jack††††††††††††††† How does Mannís character Tobiasí expressing pity help him feel better about himself?

Matt†††††††††††††† Does philosophy reduce sympathy?

Timmy†††††††††† Has domesticating animals made people less barbaric?

Scott††††††††††††† Does training always have to be unpleasant?

Nadeem††††††† Is it unjust to breed animals?

Adam†††††††††††† Do human societies require pain to function?

Natalie†††††††††† Do we need to be more like animals to be happy?

Elisabeth†††††† Why did humans domesticate animals?

Victoria†††††††† Am I a human if I am without reason?

Laura†††††††††††† Is culture uniquely a hallmark of humanity?

Morgan†††††††† How deeply are humans and animals tangled on an ontological level?