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A Map of A Tale of a Tub (1704)

the 17 parts of the complete text

Title Page / Other Works by the Author

[ Apology for the Tale of a Tub, with explanatory notes by W[illiam] W[o]tt[o]n--added in 5th ed., 1710]

Dedication to Lord Somers

Bookseller to Reader

Epistle Dedicatory to Prince Posterity


Section II   Parable - a will and 3 sons   (The Tale itself, called the Parable by the Oxford eds.)

Sect. III  Digression on Critics

Sect. IV  Parable (history of Peter)

Sect. V Digression of the Modern Kind

Sect. VI Parable (history of Martin and Jack)

Section VII Digresson on Digressions

Sect. VIII Parable (Jack's sect, the Aeolists)

Sect. IX Digression on Madness

Sect. X Further Digression

Sect. XI Parble (Jack's history)

Sect. XII  Conclusion

Battle of the Books

Mechanical Operation of the Spirit